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Where's Jeannie? (09-17-05)
Nursery? OK! (09-19-05)
A Quick Fix Detour on the Road to Renovation (11-04-05)
Giving Thanks (11-24-05)
So, How's the Nursery Coming Along? (11-27-05)
A Bedroom Only a Mother (in Law) Could Love (12-05-05)
Announcing Grace Margaret Elise (01-11-06)
You Know You Live in a Fixer-Upper With a Baby When... (04-09-06)
First Love (07-30-06)
Reno Baby (08-18-06)
The Lead Paint Dilemma (09-12-06)
Your Baby Proofing Experiences and Advice? (09-13-06)
What We Do When We Aren't Working... (11-25-06)
Her Favorite (12-31-06)
Saturday Mornings (01-06-07)
A Mom is a Mom is a Mom (01-15-07)
The Weekend (01-16-07)
E P! E P! (03-08-08)
Renovation with Toddler (04-07-08)
One Step Ahead (04-16-08)
The Cuteness is Killing Me. (04-21-08)
Toddler Proofing? (09-20-08)
ER Visit Soon? (11-28-09)
Simple machines for the win! Let's play! (12-09-09)

Before & After
See the house improve, room by room.
The Backyard (11-04-03)
First Floor Bathroom - Before & After (04-02-04)
Brick-Laid Front Steps - Before & After (07-17-04)
Refinished Floors (07-14-05)
How Easy It Is to Forget... (09-06-05)
Quick-Fix Kitchen Makeover, Completed (11-21-05)
Christmas Tree Before & After (12-14-05)
Three Years (and 11 Days) of Progress (06-09-06)
First Floor Bedrooms and Hallway -- Floors are done! (08-12-06)
The Renovated Maple Kitchen Floor (08-26-06)
Temporary Kitchen Before & After (09-07-06)
The Master Bath (Almost) After Photos (04-23-07)
Forgotten Film and Photos of "Before"...the Master Bath (05-14-07)
More Forgotten Film: First Floor Bath (05-15-07)
The Forgotten Film of the Upstairs Bedrooms (05-16-07)
A Nice Reveal of the Living Room and Dining Room (01-17-09)
Yeah, but what did it look like BEFORE? (01-19-09)
I Used to Hate This Closet (01-23-09)
And Now for Something Completely Different (10-27-09)

Daily Diary
Daily musings as we (slowly) create the house of our dreams.
In the Beginning (06-03-03)
Every Day (06-04-03)
Credit Where its Due (06-06-03)
Mysteries & Milestones (06-15-03)
Where am I? (06-16-03)
Clean for a Day (06-16-03)
I am exhausted. (06-18-03)
5, not 4 (06-18-03)
10 Bags of Trash (06-19-03)
Closer... (06-21-03)
We're in! (06-22-03)
Geez...Bees (06-23-03)
Recleaning (06-23-03)
More cleaning. More unpacking. (06-24-03)
Some days are more adventurous than others. (06-25-03)
Zen & the Art of Kitchen Cleanliness (06-26-03)
We've added comments!! (06-27-03)
The First Survivable Floor! (06-27-03)
Is this progress? (06-28-03)
More of the First Survivable Floor (06-28-03)
Another Day, another BBQ & Home Depot Run (06-29-03)
Lawn Care & the Ego (06-30-03)
Coco Takes One for the Team (07-02-03)
The Biggest Pile of Trash Ever! (07-02-03)
A New Site!! (07-04-03)
It's us against the weather (07-05-03)
It's too darn hot (07-07-03)
Waxing the Tub (07-12-03)
The Bug Slayer (07-13-03)
We're a hit! (07-14-03)'s all random (07-14-03)
I am SO difficult. (07-15-03)
Smelly Encounter (07-16-03)
No good, very bad, horrible day (07-18-03)
{waving hello madly...} (07-18-03)
Electricity and I--Not the best of pals (07-23-03)
Say whaaaa...??? (To paraphrase Jon Stewart) (07-26-03)
What have we learned so far about old things? (07-27-03)
Is this renovating? Or dating? (07-31-03)
A peaceful place (08-02-03)
Our Own Personal Niagara Falls (08-03-03)
Everyone needs a buddy break! (08-09-03)
The Gang's All Here! (08-10-03)
Looking for Mr. or Ms. Good Wrench (08-11-03)
Just a Regular (Fair & Balanced) Day (08-14-03)
Nothing Much (08-15-03)
Ssssh. Don't scare him away... (08-21-03)
Eventually, life finds YOU...through the internet (08-24-03)
Mom, do not read this. I'm serious. (08-27-03)
What are you DOING here? It's a HOLIDAY! (08-31-03)
What are you looking for? (09-07-03)
Shh! Be Very Very Quiet... (09-09-03)
It's all in the details. (09-11-03)
Never Ever Alone (09-12-03)
A trip to the Restoration and Renovation Expo (09-20-03)
Happiness CAN be found in an Appliance (09-23-03)
What do you want, Coco? (09-26-03)
Dust you can write your name in (09-28-03)
Nooooooooooooooo! (10-01-03)
Sick. An Tired. (10-02-03)
CUBS WIN!!! (10-05-03) progress (10-07-03)
This might finally be a reality show we can relate to (10-11-03)
Early morning, thinking about remarks made about "treasure hunting" (10-14-03)
Which is MORE frightening? (10-16-03)
Sanity Retreat (10-19-03)
Smells like...? A new game. Unfortunately. (10-21-03)
"I will not pick at the house...I will not..." (10-26-03)
Happy Halloween Coco! (10-31-03)
Restoration with Love (11-01-03)
We love dads (11-02-03)
You know, I was just talking about web stats... (11-08-03)
Overwhelmed (11-09-03)
Sleeping in Seattle (11-23-03)
No more travel allowed (11-24-03)
Happy Thanksgiving! (11-27-03)
Sleepless. (12-02-03)
It's electric (12-04-03)
Finding a Vintage Medicine Cabinet (12-06-03)
In which I do the best Godfather impression I've ever done (12-10-03)
Hmmm (12-11-03)
Take THAT! And that's a warning for the rest of ya' (12-13-03)
Sometimes, it's hard being Coco (12-16-03)
We Stay True to Our Word (12-18-03)
Who is out there? Hallooooo? (12-20-03)
Between floors (12-23-03)
Pieces of the house...Peace on Earth (12-24-03)
I had vanished into something better (12-26-03)
Real Life (12-29-03)
Quick rewind and wrap up (12-31-03)
Home Improvement Design Ideas (01-02-04)
what a pair (01-03-04)
The highs and the lows home improvement (01-04-04)
This bathroom floor is GONE (01-05-04)
No clumping (01-10-04)
Dave's Back (01-13-04)
Free money? Really? (01-15-04)
Ugliest bathroom? OK, maybe not... (01-17-04)
Let's Tour the Workshop! (01-17-04)
Showers are so beautiful (01-21-04)
21st century Home Voyeurism (01-24-04)
Gifted & Talented Neighbors (01-30-04)
You Snooze, You Lose? (02-02-04)
We are cowards...COWARDS!!! (02-04-04)
Search string house haiku (02-09-04)
Preserving houses and marital bliss too. (02-15-04)
Add Us to Your My Yahoo! (RSS Rocks!) (02-18-04)
Vision Test (02-19-04)
2004 Chicago Bungalow Expo and Seminars (02-23-04)
Slave to Bungalow Restoration (02-24-04)
It's Mimi! (03-02-04)
Coco on a birdseed bender (03-05-04)
The Money Pit of My Life (03-12-04)
Giving Birth to a Blog and House...No Hat Trick Yet (03-19-04)
Spring. It's here. (03-20-04)
Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. (03-22-04)
Sorry we were down all morning. (03-24-04)
Renewal and hope (03-24-04)
Just another soggy Sunday (03-29-04)
Argh. (03-31-04)
"Arrange Whatever Pieces Come Your Way." (04-03-04)
A clean, sunny window (04-11-04)
Advantages of home renovation (04-15-04)
A night off....wheeeeeee! (04-16-04)
Spring Maintenance (04-19-04)
Faithful Companion (04-20-04)
You Know You Live in a Fixer-Upper When... (04-24-04)
Hitting the Bottle (04-25-04)
So many adventures, only 3 hours (04-27-04)
Things I Learned from My Web Stats (04-30-04)
We're Moving! (to Another Room) (05-01-04)
You Know You Live in a Fixer-Upper When... (05-03-04)
Contractors! Contractors! Contractors! (05-15-04)
"Not much. You?" (05-19-04)
Where is my local hardware store? (05-20-04)
Lathe Makes Good Firewood (05-21-04)
House Call...of a Different Kind (05-24-04)
What Women Want (05-26-04)
Restore America (with lots of cash) (05-27-04)
Working Weekends (05-31-04)
"This Old, Stuffed House" (06-08-04)
Congratulations Kjerstin & Joe! (06-10-04)
Am I Obsessed? Mmmm...yes. (06-12-04)
More on Home Improvement Shows (06-13-04)
What's Happening?!? (06-16-04)
Restoring Homes, Restoring Communities (06-18-04)
what you set your heart upon (06-24-04)
Hungry for Conversation (06-25-04)
It's a JUNGLE out there! (06-28-04)
It is war. (07-02-04)
Fourth of July (07-04-04)
The Most Important Tool... (07-05-04)
Every other store? Hardware store. (07-10-04)
internet Access Problems (07-14-04)
Murphy's Laws of Broken Things (07-15-04)
Telling Entirely Too Much (07-28-04)
Insomnia Games with Coco (07-29-04)
Coco, what are you waiting for? (08-02-04)
Trading Spaces - Behind the Scenes (08-03-04)
Ugh. (08-07-04)
Low tonight? 50 degrees F (08-12-04)
Killer house (08-14-04)
Before & After...The Armstrongs (08-14-04)
Code Blue! Calling all old house people! (08-21-04)
Wood Prices Increase - Ack! (08-22-04)
Pup Dreams (08-26-04)
This is so awful. (09-02-04)
Fallin' for ya (09-05-04)
Gone, man. Gone. (09-06-04)
Home Depot Grand Opening (09-09-04)
Maybe it's a Chicago obsession (09-13-04)
Not my fault! Really! (09-15-04)
Long Nights (09-17-04)
Good morning, glory. (09-19-04)
Old House Blues (09-22-04)
Raincheck (09-24-04)
Estate Sale (09-29-04)
"Who are you? Do you live here too?" (10-02-04)
CONTEST: Worst house story ever (10-04-04)
Rolling Right into Stressville, USA (10-08-04)
Winner of the Worst House Project Contest (10-09-04)
The Ugly Truth About Change Orders? (10-13-04)
The Dark Side of House Restoration (10-14-04)
Smack Down at Home Depot (10-16-04)
Broken Dryer, I Challenge Thee! (10-20-04)
Autumn. Life. (10-25-04)
Watching the World Go By. Literally. (10-27-04)
It's.....Fell. (10-30-04)
Happy Samhain to ye (10-31-04)
Everything Looks Grey Today (11-03-04)
You Know You Live in a Fixer-Upper When... (11-08-04)
Portrait of a Hunger So Deep (11-12-04)
Lincoln Park Pirates (11-14-04)
AARON is NOT SICK today. (11-18-04)
The Parents are Coming! The Parents are Coming! (11-22-04)
Happy (Snowy) Thanksgiving! (11-25-04)
Thanksgiving Turkey, Lessons in Poultry Intimacy (11-26-04)
Mom was Here (11-29-04)
The House-pochondriac (12-02-04)
In my dreams (12-05-04)
Old Home for the Holidays (12-07-04)
We Always Remember Our First One (12-08-04)
Old House (Lover's) Music (12-13-04)
The Summer of '05 (12-16-04)
Laundry Chute Love (12-17-04)
Coco Angel (12-20-04)
Happy Holidays Everyone (12-21-04)
We're back after a short break. (12-27-04)
Brrrr. (12-28-04)
The 12 Months of an OLD HOUSE Christmas (12-29-04)
New Year's Resolutions (01-01-05)
Square Peg, Round Hole (01-07-05)
Survivor: CHICAGO BUNGALOW (01-08-05)
Too Long in the Map Room (01-13-05)
I love lumberyards (01-15-05)
Trying to Stay Focused... (01-18-05)
The Winter Kitchen (01-22-05)
You Know You Live in a Fixer-Upper When... (01-24-05)
Old House Passions (01-25-05)
Sisyphus II (01-29-05)
Bored While Sick: Counting Dust Bunnies (02-01-05)
Dave's Big Chance (02-06-05)
Well Good Morning Greenland!!!! (02-13-05)
48 Hours of "Aaron is So Cool" (02-15-05)
A Little Project We're Working On (02-17-05)
Heads Up...Keepin' It Real (02-19-05)
Us, Self-Conscious!? (02-20-05)
Down But Not Out (02-28-05)
It's Academic (03-01-05)
Clean Dog. Sad Dog. (03-03-05)
Needing Inspiration... (03-07-05)
Radiator Humidifier (03-10-05)
HouseBlogs Neighborhood Emerges from Beta (03-14-05)
SUN! Oh yes.... (03-15-05)
You Know You Live in a Fixer-Upper When... (03-20-05)
Home Improvement Party Conversations (03-21-05)
Home Improvement Karma (03-23-05)
Happy Easter Weekend (03-25-05)
We interrupt this house in progress... (04-04-05)
Spring-ing up in the Garden (04-08-05)
Can You Keep a Secret? (04-10-05)
A garden surprise (04-11-05)
yes. yes, it IS Spring. (04-12-05)
Foolproof Contractor Search (04-14-05)
You Know You Live in a Fixer-Upper When... (04-17-05)
The Neighborhood (04-21-05)
Sticker Shock (04-27-05)
Raise a Glass to Those Who HouseBlog! (04-28-05)
Where are the HouseBloggers? (04-28-05)
Oh...such a cute house for sale (04-29-05)
The "Out of Commission" Kitchen (04-30-05)
Recap: 2005 Chicago Bungalow Expo (05-01-05)
Truly Obsessed (05-05-05)
The Lilac Bush That Ate Chicago (05-06-05)
Condo Memories (05-09-05)
Sharpening Tools? (05-10-05)
A Simple Plan (05-13-05)
Cruel Decluttering Irony (05-16-05)
With Many Apologies to William Carlos Williams (05-16-05)
A Day of Rest (05-18-05)
I am the BIGGEST DIY GEEK EVER! (05-21-05)
Two Long Years (05-31-05)
Can She Do It? Yes She Can! (06-01-05)
I Confess (06-07-05)
Another Week, Another Anniversary (06-10-05)
It Runs in the Family (06-12-05)
Meme me up, Scotty! (06-21-05)
You Know You Live in a Fixer-Upper When... (06-23-05)
Evening Reading (06-24-05)
HouseBlogs in the Wall Street Journal (06-30-05)
Pins on the HouseBlogs Google Map (07-05-05)
A Modest Proposal (for Housebloggers) (07-08-05)
Overheard... (07-09-05)
The Fallon Project (07-11-05)
Wow (07-13-05)
What I Learned Today (07-23-05)
Eclectic Weekend (07-24-05)
Houseblogs Around the World (07-27-05)
You Know You Live in a Fixer-Upper When... (08-02-05)
Doggy ADA (08-08-05)
100 Houseblogs...Really? (08-09-05)
A Fun Distraction (08-14-05)
Busiest. Week. Ever. (08-20-05)
Yesterday we were wondering... (08-21-05)
House of Good Fortune (08-23-05)
I Struggle to Imagine (08-31-05)
Labor Day Block Party, 2005 (09-05-05)
Sick (09-11-05)
Painful but Necessary (09-16-05)
A Milestone! (09-28-05)
The Truth About Committing to a Fixer Upper (10-02-05)
Brrrrrrr. (UPDATED) (10-24-05)
Hi There! (10-29-05)
The Devil...and Pregnancy Hormones...Made Me Do It (11-09-05)
Brrrrrr. Mmmmm. (11-16-05)
Technical Difficulties at (11-17-05) Is Up and Running...with Something New, Too (11-20-05)
You Know You Live in a Fixer-Upper When... (11-23-05)
Giving Thanks (11-24-05)
How Many Shovels Does It Take... (12-08-05)
Put 'em to Work (12-10-05)
Pushing our luck (12-11-05)
It's Not the Snow, It's the Thaw... (12-15-05)
Is it time to light up the Christmas Wine yet? (12-19-05)
Home for Christmas (12-23-05)
New Year, Same Pain in the Neck (01-03-06)
We Love You Too, Gaper's Block!! (01-05-06)
Busy Weekend, Redefined (01-22-06)
Success (01-29-06)
Tell Us What You Really Think (02-05-06)
Back to Work...Soon? (02-07-06)
Departure (02-10-06)
Surprise! (02-18-06)
Looking Forward (02-19-06)
Like This Site? How about 200 More... (02-21-06)
New Year, New Baby...New Blog? (02-27-06)
Emma? Lizzy? The Dashwoods? (03-05-06)
Apologies Dear Readers! (03-08-06)
Confessions (03-09-06)
Love? I spoke too soon... (03-10-06)
And the House said "HA!" (03-16-06)
The Lonely Toolbox (03-20-06)
The Latest in Toolspotting (03-21-06)
The Lonely Toolbox, Part 2 (03-23-06)
Old House Preservation & Restoration Conference (03-27-06)
Neighborhood Notes: North Park / Albany Park (03-28-06)
Hello, San Francisco Chronicle Readers! (03-29-06)
Awkward Moments in Renovation (03-30-06)
More Awkward Moments in Renovation (04-03-06)
Less Awkward Moments in Renovation (04-04-06)
Bugs in the house? Not on MY watch... (04-06-06)
Expounding upon Expansion (04-10-06)
Apartment in Chicago! (04-11-06)
Why Do We Do It? (04-12-06)
Kitchen and Bath Show in Chicago...oh joy! (04-13-06)
Reason #482 Why I Love Chicago (04-15-06)
How do we know it's Spring? (04-16-06)
Tax Man Giveth...and Taketh Away (04-17-06)
Countdown to KBIS (04-19-06)
All Dressed Up with Someplace to Go (04-20-06)
Recap: Swatchbox Gathering (04-21-06)
K/BIS is Huge, Where to Start? (04-22-06)
KBIS Day One: The Madness Begins (04-23-06)
KBIS Coverage: Making Sense of It (04-23-06)
KBIS Coverage: Evidence of Bloggers at KBIS (04-23-06)
KBIS: Exhibitors Gone Wild (04-23-06)
Priming the Pump Porch (05-01-06)
Uncluttered Living, Part 1 (05-03-06)
Uncluttered Living, Part 2 (05-08-06)
Uncluttered Living, Part3 (05-10-06)
Nightstand (05-14-06)
Uncluttered Living: Space, Stuff and Value (05-15-06) or ideas? (05-17-06)
The Curse of the Black Thumb (05-18-06)
Itchy Today... (05-24-06)
The Irony of HouseBloggers in Money Magazine (05-26-06)
Classic Summer Through Your Senses: Your Ears (05-29-06)
Peeping...Pigeon (06-01-06)
Mid-Century Modern in Our Neighborhood (06-05-06)
Mid-Century Modern in Our Neighborhood, Part 2 (06-06-06)
After the baby is tucked in... (06-12-06)
Budlong Woods and North Park in Chicago (06-15-06)
Busting a a good way (06-16-06)
Who's Your Daddy? (06-18-06)
Sleep Deprivation (06-19-06)
Housebloggers Talk (06-24-06)
You know you live in a fixer-upper when... (06-28-06)
Escape to the Extraordinary (07-04-06)
Reaction to Mention in Old House Journal (07-06-06)
Bee Swarm (07-07-06)
Houseblogging at This Old House (07-12-06)
Itty Bitty Wee Robin (07-14-06)
Restoration Hardware has OUTLETS???!!! (07-19-06)
Housebloggers in the Chicago Tribune (07-21-06)
North Park Neighborhood: The Sweden Shop (07-24-06)
The Map Wall Must Die... (07-25-06)
Paint Over Wallpaper...What Have We Done??? (08-07-06)
Ugh. (08-09-06)
My niece, Morgan (08-15-06)
Ohhhh, the house bug!!! It's biting me! (08-16-06)
Comparing house-related boo boo's (08-28-06)
It's not just a house, it's a 'hood (09-04-06)
Introducing the Community (09-05-06)
When Do We Find Time To Do It All? (09-11-06)
Renovation Source: Salvage at ridiculously low prices (09-15-06)
Dogs Listen to Me Now (09-20-06)
Finishing Touch in a Guest Room (09-23-06)
The House Behaved Very Well (09-27-06)
There's a WHAT in the kitchen???!!!! (09-28-06)
The Power of the (Associated) Press (09-30-06)
Low Tech Project Management System (10-02-06)
Mice Update (10-10-06)
Mice Update, Part 2 (10-11-06)
Baby, It's Cold Outside Inside (10-12-06)
Mice Update, The Final Chapter (10-13-06)
Retreat to St. Michael's (10-17-06)
Susanke Homestead (10-19-06)
Houseblogs in the Edmonton Journal (10-20-06)
Playing Catch Up, Craving Heat and Other Musings (10-30-06)
How to Feel Better About Any Situation (11-01-06)
The Attack of the Killer Bird (11-02-06)
Crow in My Kitchen (11-06-06)
New Eye Candy at (11-08-06)
Well, um, hello again, houseblog. (11-14-06)
OMG! The Cuteness! (11-15-06)
Falling into Autumn (11-16-06)
What a Role Model DOESN'T Look Like (11-17-06)
Radiator Adventure, Part 2 (11-21-06)
Homework Help...We love librarians! (11-21-06)
New, Improved Blogroll (11-22-06)
What We Do When We Aren't Working... (11-25-06)
Radiator Adventure, the finale (11-27-06)
Please Stand By... (11-28-06)
Hello? Hello? (12-04-06)
Things That Have Broken... (12-19-06)
What Lies Beneath, or THE HORROR! (12-20-06)
Her Favorite (12-31-06)
Hello Dallas (01-01-07)
Saturday Mornings (01-06-07)
Color Detective (01-10-07)
Airing Our Laundry in the New York Times (01-11-07)
A Mom is a Mom is a Mom (01-15-07)
The Weekend (01-16-07)
Priorities, Home Improvement and Marital Harmony (01-17-07)
Revisting the Map Wall (01-18-07)
Track Your Favorite DIY Topics at (02-05-07)
The Chicago Tribune is Rethinking the Bungalow (02-20-07)
Fretting & Fireplaces (02-22-07)
Ah. Winter. (02-26-07)
The Ice Storm (02-27-07)
Housebloggers and the 5 Things Meme (02-28-07)
Hello Vancouver Sun Readers! (03-02-07)
We're Not the First! Hurray!! (03-05-07)
Piano Windows? So THAT'S what they're called! (03-06-07)
What is this? (03-08-07)
Cleaning Out the Fireplace... (03-13-07)
Old Florida, or Our Big Escape (03-19-07)
House Eye Candy, Florida-Style (03-20-07)
More Anna Maria House Voyeurism (03-21-07)
Shut Up, Jeannie. (03-22-07)
Island Cottage Color (03-23-07)
Making a Decision About the Fireplace (04-03-07)
Fireplace insert up! (04-04-07)
Bungalows + Houseblogging = A REAL GOOD TIME (04-05-07)
Historic Kenwood, Florida (04-06-07)
Making Everything BIGGER! FASTER! I THINK! (04-10-07)
Hello San Francisco Chronicle Readers (04-14-07)
Wood Windows...Reborn (04-16-07)
Back to our regular programming (04-22-07)
Internet Crush: Liselotte (04-24-07)
Master Bath: Details (04-25-07)
Junior Carpenter-Wannabe (04-26-07)
National Rebuilding Day (04-30-07)
Don't Believe the Hype (05-01-07)
Open Letter to My Neighbors (05-03-07)
Learn Cool DIY Skills, Help Conserve Historic Houses (05-04-07)
C D Bee? (05-07-07)
D B? D B S A B-Z B. (05-07-07)
Weather Drives Project Plans (05-10-07)
What Motivates Us (05-13-07)
Old Radios and Old Windows (05-18-07)
Extracurricular Activities are for Parents Too. (05-22-07)
Down the Drain (05-31-07)
Windows + Crazy = Me (06-01-07)
Windows Progress (06-12-07)
Computer on the Fritz...unlike me, right? (06-19-07)
Back online (07-09-07)
Where am I? What happened? (07-10-07)
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Trendy Seattle Digs (07-12-07)
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Safety First, Not Last (07-16-07)
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Do They Work? A Restored Wood Window (08-25-07)
Whoops. (08-27-07)
Robbed (08-28-07)
Faith in Kindness Restored (08-29-07)
Field Trip: Garfield Park Conservatory Gardens (08-31-07)
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House in Progress in Chicago Home (09-04-07)
Labor Day: Painting Trim (09-06-07)
Anchorage Ranch (09-11-07)
The Mommyblogging Post (09-13-07)
Our Weekend (09-18-07)
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Boy curtains? Or girl curtains? (09-25-07)
Reason No. 89746 Why I Love Chicago (09-27-07)
Pleasant Home Restoration Forum (10-02-07)
Off Topic: Mama Gets a Night Out (10-06-07)
Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, Illinois (10-07-07)
Favorite Photo Ever (10-09-07)
House Voyeurism: Bed Stuy (10-10-07)
We'll Be Back Shortly (10-27-07)
We're back...and it was Halloween (11-01-07)
The Usability of Kitchen Stoves (11-02-07)
Humphrey House on NBC (11-02-07)
Better Than Shopping for Shoes (11-07-07)
Secret Wood Shops: Horner Park (11-11-07)
Secret Wood Shops in Chicago: Map (11-12-07)
Hip-Hip-Hooray!! (11-14-07)
Online Resources for Real Estate and Landlords (11-15-07)
Tivo My Life (11-23-07)
15 Stocking Stuffers for DIY'ers (11-25-07)
Red Fan of Death II: The Visit (11-27-07)
Must Find Recycling Container Solution (11-29-07)
Good Tree Hunting (12-03-07)
Light It Up! Light It Up! (12-05-07)
House In Progress Recommends... (12-10-07)
Money Pit Christmas (12-11-07)
Reason Number 489 Why Having a Houseblog is Helpful (12-16-07)
What On Earth: The Furniture (12-17-07)
Two Kinds of Christmas: The first one (12-26-07)
The Entry About Change (12-31-07)
Two Kinds of Christmas: The Second One (12-31-07)
Harmony, Pa: Old-Fashioned House Voyeurism (01-06-08)
Best Craigslist Entry So Far, 2008 (01-07-08)
Taunton + Savings = Mmmm. (01-08-08)
New Years Eve, 5:35 - 8:16 pm (01-09-08)
Charles and Hudson Interviews Kevin O'Connor (01-19-08)
Brick and Blue Sky (01-21-08)
Oh, Iowa! (01-22-08)
More Light, Please. (01-26-08)
Portrait of a Good Dog (01-27-08)
I Am Away (01-29-08)
In Memorium: Anita Rowland (01-29-08)
Woodstock, Illinois (01-30-08)
What is this green sand in my bathtub? (01-31-08)
Well, That Was Painful... (02-02-08)
Things I Like: Window Film from Across the Pond (02-07-08)
Fair Warning: Click at Your Own Peril (02-07-08)
Guessing Game (02-08-08)
Hot and Bothered (02-12-08)
"Know" Man (02-13-08)
The Refinished Bathtubs: Revisited (02-18-08)
Man Builds House for (approximately) $7800 (02-20-08)
In the Salt Mines (02-21-08)
In Memorium: Siegfried R. Weng (02-21-08)
Tiny Victories and Independence (02-27-08)
P(D)ttP: Abridged (02-28-08)
Murphy's Law of Hard Drives (03-27-08)
Home Improvement Tetris (03-29-08)
Finally. (04-07-08)
Images from Earth Hour 2008 (04-08-08)
Portrait(s) of the Craftsman as a Young Man (04-11-08)
More House Voyeurism (04-14-08)
It's not a blog. It's a blargh. (04-15-08)
Color! Color! (04-16-08)
Better than Diamonds or Furs... (04-17-08)
I Saw It In My Dreams Last Night.... (04-18-08)
Clutter and Weight Gain....Related? (04-22-08)
Cougar? (04-22-08)
The List (04-25-08)
Craigslist Snob (04-29-08)
Do electricians REALLY need pants? (05-06-08)
*Post Renovation Depression* (05-07-08)
Squirrels are jerks. (05-12-08)
Dandelions (05-13-08)
Note to Self (05-14-08)
My House is the House of the FUTURE!!! (05-15-08)
My Public Shame (05-15-08)
Um, yeah. Hi. (05-20-08)
5 Years Ago Yesterday (06-04-08)
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Keep? Or Throw on the Heap? (08-18-08)
Our Friends Bought the Farm! (08-25-08)
How To Polish Shoes with a Bah-nawh-nawh (08-27-08)
Mod Yet Crunchy Recycled Playground (08-28-08)
Moving Backwards (09-04-08)
This is My Spirit House (09-04-08)
Stained (09-08-08)
Mystery Cabinet (09-09-08)
Sarah Susanka is in the Hizzouz...woot! (09-10-08)
Yes, It's Wet (09-14-08)
Welcome to Venice, Illinois! (09-15-08)
Toddler Proofing? (09-20-08)
My Toddler Proofing Dilemma (09-23-08)
Chilly. Me Want Fireplace. (10-02-08) recovers. Economy...not so much. (10-21-08)
Ours is Not the Ugliest House (10-27-08)
Sniff Sniffle Hack Hack Cough Cough Cough Cough (11-12-08)
Another Holiday in Progress (11-19-08)
I love, love, love my neighbors. (And! We're. back.) (01-09-09)
Blame It On Facebook... (01-11-09)
House Slacker Exhibit A (01-12-09)
Time Lapse December/January (01-13-09)
Con=Overcommitment, Pro=BREAKFAST! (01-14-09)
Meow of the Day... (01-15-09)
To Do List Before Next Tuesday (Oatmeal Day!) (01-15-09)
Oh My! Are You Looking in My Drawers??? (01-16-09)
Feed The, really. Do it. (01-16-09)
A Nice Reveal of the Living Room and Dining Room (01-17-09)
Real Estate in North Park pretty solid? (01-19-09)
Yeah, but what did it look like BEFORE? (01-19-09)
Bringing Sexy Oatmeal. I'm serious. (01-21-09)
Start with Substance Oatmeal Inauguration Blitz Recap (01-21-09)
I Used to Hate This Closet (01-23-09)
Ooooh! Big Sale at The Sweden Shop! (01-24-09)
Update (04-16-09)
First Sign of Spring at HouseinProgress (04-18-09)
Guest Post? (09-25-09)
Back Porch in Progress (10-05-09)
Our DIY Drama (or Why Building a Porch to Relax on Can Be Very Stressful) (10-11-09)
And Now for Something Completely Different (10-27-09)
My First DIY Project (11-23-09)
Flooring Ideas for the Basement (11-29-09)
Simple machines for the win! Let's play! (12-09-09)
What designers do for fun :) (12-10-09)
CB2, Behind the Scenes (12-28-09)
Welcome to our neighborhood :) (01-01-10)
I LOVE a Good Mystery, Especially When It Gets SOLVED (01-02-10)
Ephemera Project (01-02-10)
Dessert as a Metaphor for Life (01-02-10)
(Very!) Fine Remodeling (01-04-10)
Basement (01-13-10)
Um, gee, 20th Century Fox, thanks? (01-19-10)
Florian Kräutli » Magnetic Curtain (03-01-10)
What do these things have in common? (05-03-10)

Do it Yourself
Step-by-step descriptions of how we've approached specific projects.
Do it Yourself (07-28-03)
Installing Coaxial Cable (08-05-03)
Fixing a Smelly Basement (09-21-03)
Installling a Thermostat (10-23-03)
Cheating Around a Temporary Fix (10-28-03)
Quieting a Noisy Steam Radiator (11-06-03)
VENTILATE your workspace! (11-15-03)
Boiling Paint from Window Hardware (11-18-03)
making "do" until... (11-21-03)
Removing a Load Bearing Wall (11-29-03)
Installing an Exterior Vent in Stucco (12-03-03)
Removing a Plaster Wall (12-08-03)
FINALLY! No smelly basement (01-11-04)
Protecting a Wooden Shower Window...Nautical Solution (02-16-04)
ReMOOving Milk Paint (03-21-04)
Creating a House Wiring Plan (03-26-04)
Removing the Attic Insulation (04-06-04)
Living in it while working on it (04-18-04)
What not to do... (06-29-04)
Transforming Your Apartment (08-13-04)
Preparing the Structured Wiring Home Run (08-23-04)
Creating a Cable Schedule (08-29-04)
Pulling Cable (09-04-04)
Choosing Structured Media Distribution Panel Modules (09-11-04)
Prime Time (10-03-04)
ohmigosh...I fixed the dryer! (10-26-04)
Venting the Attic (11-07-04)
Insulating the Attic (11-13-04)
More Reasons to Need a Slow Hand (11-20-04)
Installing Foamboard and the Vapor Barrier (11-27-04)
Building a Laundry Chute, Part One (12-06-04)
Building a Laundry Chute, Part Two (12-11-04)
Correcting Poorly Framed Walls (01-12-05)
Building a Laundry Chute: Part Three (03-29-05)
Bathroom Wainscoat Pt. 1 - Beadboard Prep (04-13-05)
Bathroom Wainscoat Pt. 2 - Hanging Beadboard & Cabinet Backing (04-16-05)
Building a Laundry Chute: Part Four (04-24-05)
Heigh Ho Sawhorse! Away! (05-03-05)
Bathroom Wainscoat, Part 3 - Wainscoat Trimmed Out (05-07-05)
Repairing & Glazing Wood Windows, Part 1 (05-12-05)
Repairing & Glazing Wood Windows, Part 2 (05-15-05)
Repairing & Glazing Wood Windows, Part 3 (05-19-05)
Installing the Attic Access Panel (06-05-05)
Stripping Painted Trim (07-10-05)
Keeping Jack Frost Out (10-04-05)
Keeping Jack Frost Out: Part 2 (10-05-05)
Insulating Steam Heat Pipes (11-29-05)
Installing a Door Jamb Extension, Pt. 1 (03-12-06)
One of my favorite tools (08-29-06)
A girl's gotta have leverage (08-30-06)
Hilarious Wood Window Sash Removal (08-30-07)
Replacing a Radiator Air Vent (02-26-08)
Beating Poplar Blotch (05-10-08)
How To Polish Shoes with a Bah-nawh-nawh (08-27-08)
ER Visit Soon? (11-28-09)
Simple machines for the win! Let's play! (12-09-09)

House History
Information we've learned about the house and its secrets.
In the Beginning (06-03-03)
Catching up...the quick version (06-05-03)
A Brief History of the House (06-16-03)
Who slept here? (07-12-03)
One Day Too Late...Plumbing Mysteries (12-14-03)
1925 Headlines to Keep the Mice Out (12-15-03)
The Puzzle of Bungalow Kitchens (01-19-04)
We love librarians (01-25-04)
Greenland, where's the love? (02-06-04)
Other Valentine's Days in Chicago History (02-14-04)
"Newfangled" Kit Houses (02-25-04)
One Last Historical Bathroom Surprise (03-10-04)
What Goes Around Comes...Around? (03-23-04)
Our Original House Color-? (04-21-04)
Looking Back in Time (05-28-04)
Warning! Time Sponge (06-14-04)
Going with the flow? (08-30-04)
Parental School for Boys (09-28-04)
House History Mysteries (01-17-05)
What is the fireplace SUPPOSED to look like? (12-30-06)
Our House in 1915...Maybe? (03-09-07)
Chandelier in a Bungalow? (05-17-07)
Chicago-Specific House Research (10-12-07)

Because of this site we get lots of e-mail from people. Here are some of the most interesting ones...
We get mail. (03-11-04)
We got more mail. (03-17-04)
We get more mail. (04-07-04)
We get mail...removing trim (07-07-04)
Through rain, sleet, hail...we get mail (07-22-04)
House In Progress Down Under (08-01-04)
Mail Call! (08-06-04)
A List of Bungalow Associations (08-18-04)
Special Delivery (09-20-04)
Bride of "Mailbag" (09-30-04)
Renaissance Man = Gramp K (01-06-05)
Son of Mailbag (01-28-05)
Return of Mailbag (04-23-05)
Return of Mailbag (07-16-05)
Attack of the Mailbag (07-26-05)
High-Tech Mailbag: How to Install Structured Wire? (02-24-06)
Revenge of the Mailbag (07-18-06)
What ever happened to mailbag...? (02-07-07)
Mailbag: Wood Windows and Energy Efficiency (07-31-07)

Restore & Repair
Our adventures in repairing and restoring our 1914 bungalow.
Bungalow Archaeology (06-19-03)
Lou, we love you. (07-07-03)
Rub-a-dub-dub...what a cool TUB! (07-09-03)
Not even James could save us (07-17-03)
Help - Tile Choices!? (07-19-03)
Busy, Busy, Busy (07-19-03)
The Fishy Men (07-23-03)
In praise of craftsmen... (hurray for ADT) (07-30-03)
Scrub, scrub scrub Cinderella! (08-01-03)
Feeling hot & grumpy? Take it out on the house. (08-16-03)
Square Peg. Round Hole. Contest. (08-19-03)
Open Source Bathroom Contest Update (08-22-03)
What is our house SUPPOSED to look like? (08-26-03)
ohmigosh it's August 29th! (08-29-03)
Some of the finalists in the "Square Peg" contest... (09-01-03)
More creative "open source" bathroom solutions! (09-02-03)
Just a few more entries and WHAT HAPPENS NOW? (09-03-03)
And we have a WINNAH! (09-08-03)
On Bathroom Fans and EFI Fan/Light Time Delay Switches (09-10-03)
And so! It begins... (09-15-03)
Wheee! Vendors and more vendors! (09-17-03)
Day One: Windows that OPEN! (09-29-03)
Day Two: Window Restoration (09-30-03)
Getting the Smell Out (10-13-03)
The Return of....Mr. X! (10-27-03)
Removing the Backyard Jungle (11-03-03)
We reveal the identity of our electrician (11-11-03)
Hex tile...YEAH! And, aw noooo... (11-12-03)
Electrical Artist (11-14-03)
Opening a New Front in the Battle (11-16-03)
Still Working on our Hex (Tile) (11-19-03)
Cheating! (11-26-03)
The Little Nail That Could (Not Be Removed) (11-28-03)
Walls, floors, fans...what a weekend (11-30-03)
First floor bathroom (12-22-03)
Hex tile disappears under grief (12-30-03)
If the radiator's a-knockin'...we call the experts (01-06-04)
New bathroom glass block! (01-14-04)
Lesson Learned...Get Pressure Balancing Valves (01-15-04)
Sistering the Joists for Floor #2 (01-27-04)
Of joists and pipes (02-01-04)
Old Dip Tube, New Water Heater (Ugh) (02-03-04)
Say Hello to Our New Sears Kenmore Water Heater (02-10-04)
Evolution of a bathroom (02-12-04)
Tile Subfloor Won't Crack Under Pressure (02-21-04)
The Bathroom Medicine Cabinet: An Epic Saga (02-26-04)
A Bathroom Teaser (02-28-04)
Lesson Learned're up there (03-03-04)
Vintage Clawfoot Tub, Check! (03-15-04)
Bath time...then and now (03-16-04)
A Labor of Love (03-28-04)
More Labor, More Love (04-01-04)
Jeannie Gets a Gold Star (04-10-04)
One Person's Trash... (04-17-04)
Scraping Off Mastic (04-26-04)
Weekends (05-02-04)
Progress on the Bedroom Ceiling (05-04-04)
Plans for the Second Floor (05-07-04)
Yesterday's Progress on the Master Bathroom (05-08-04)
Ummm, What's That? (05-09-04)
The Attic Experts are Attic Experts (05-10-04)
Chimney Repair Advice (05-13-04)
Balsam-Wool Insulation (05-14-04)
A Rolling Black Fog (05-17-04)
More of the Same (05-23-04)
What's In Your Gutter? (05-30-04)
A Miracle in Silica and Water (06-01-04)
Laundry Chute Question (06-06-04)
Yuck! (06-07-04)
We can handle the truth...give it to us. (06-21-04)
Mission Accomplished! (06-26-04)
A Very Long Day (07-03-04)
Managing the Projects...Regrouting (07-06-04)
Leaky roof...drip, drip, drip (07-11-04)
Sistered joists, sure...but sistered walls? (07-18-04)
2..4...6...8...Ventilate! (07-20-04)
Lesson Learned - Insulating a Vaulted Ceiling (07-23-04)
Patterns in the House (07-27-04)
A unique solution to cooling off: Part 1 (08-05-04)
Vent! Vent! (08-09-04)
Old Plaster Ceiling Finish... (08-16-04)
Back to the Boiler (09-03-04)
Raindrops are falling on my head (09-12-04)
Skylight Installation (09-18-04)
Contest: Worst renovation project EVER!! (09-23-04)
Design Quirk #238: Interior Windows (09-26-04)
Master Bathroom Redesign (10-06-04)
What NOT to do (10-10-04)
Gearing Up for Winter (10-15-04)
Let there be... (10-22-04)
Wall Insulation Question (10-23-04)
The House the Internet Built (11-04-04)
Survival. A Renovation Reality. (11-10-04)
Stripping the Woodwork (11-30-04)
Front Porch Evolution...the year in review (12-03-04)
Still camping with a mortgage? (12-15-04)
I Married the Maytag Repairman Woman (01-04-05)
When is a 2x4 not a 2x4? (01-10-05)
Survivor Bungalow: Temporary Kitchen Makeover (01-26-05)
Too Much Going (02-03-05)
Present Kitchen, Future Kitchen (02-04-05)
Entryway Light 1, Super Bowl 0 (02-07-05)
Spring Cleaning, Out of Season (02-12-05)
Back to Work! (02-18-05)
Things are Taking Shape (02-22-05)
Cool Portable Table Saw! (02-24-05)
Custom Shower Framing Complete (02-25-05)
Working for Your Contractor (02-26-05)
The Durock is in the House! (03-05-05)
Home Improvement Projects at a Glance (03-06-05)
Restoring a Clawfoot Tub (03-12-05)
Ouch. (03-18-05)
Wall It Up (03-31-05)
The real bathroom :) (04-03-05)
Taped, Mudded, Ready to Paint (04-07-05)
The new front door has arrived! (04-09-05)
Thanks a Mullion (04-15-05)
Mullions and Mullions (04-20-05)
This is My Window to the World (04-25-05)
We Have a Bathroom Door! (05-11-05)
The Shower (Cue Majestic Music Here) (05-27-05)
The Dash to the (first) Finish Line (06-11-05)
Master Bathroom Progress Eye Candy (06-16-05)
Best Color to Paint the Radiator? (06-20-05)
Finally, Paint! (06-25-05)
Rube Goldberg's Guide to Home Improvement (06-26-05)
Using Salvaged Oak Flooring? (06-29-05)
Hardwood Flooring FAQ (or, "What I Learned About Floors Today") (07-02-05)
This Weekend? All About Trim (07-04-05)
(Extended) Weekend Recap (07-06-05)
Before Refinished Floor (07-11-05)
Repairing the Wood Floor (07-12-05)
Nothing Much to Look At (07-20-05)
Master Closet in Progress (07-31-05)
Ikea Pax Wardrobes Installed (08-01-05)
Halogen Lights and Dimmer Switches? (08-04-05)
Staining the Trim (Twice) (08-22-05)
A Little Shellac Goes a Long Little Way (08-27-05)
30 Minutes Hard Labor (09-03-05)
12 Hours Hard Labor, 1 Lesson Learned (09-04-05)
The Trim is In! (Sorta) (09-07-05)
Toolfest! (09-25-05)
Second Floor Trim Installed (Mostly) (09-26-05)
The Return of Normal (10-09-05)
Second Floor Punchlist (10-10-05)
Advice on Finishing an Exterior Door? (10-11-05)
Punchlist Progress: Bathroom Medicine Cabinet (10-14-05)
Exterior Door Stained (10-19-05)
Wishing for a Do Over (10-23-05)
A Quick Fix Detour on the Road to Renovation (11-04-05)
The Quick Fix Kitchen Makeover, Day One (11-05-05)
The Quick Fix Kitchen Makeover, Day Two (11-06-05)
Quick Fix Kitchen Makeover, Day Three (The Wrap Up?) (11-08-05)
Quick Fix Kitchen Makeover, Redux (11-15-05)
So, How's the Nursery Coming Along? (11-27-05)
A Bedroom Only a Mother (in Law) Could Love (12-05-05)
Window in the Shower Recap...FINALLY! (12-18-05)
Nursery in Progress (01-16-06)
Cutting a Steam Radiator Pipe, Part 1 (03-25-06)
Cutting a Steam Radiator Pipe, Part 2 (03-26-06)
Memorial Day Home Improvement Project Extravaganza (05-31-06)
It's time to stop working when... (06-07-06)
We've got a handle on it (06-14-06)
Zip Up the Mess (07-22-06)
More Bungalow Archaeology (07-31-06)
Still More Bungalow Archaeology (08-01-06)
More, More, MORE Bungalow Archaeology (08-05-06)
Getting the Tile Off of the Floors (08-10-06)
What lives beneath...the kitchen floor? (08-22-06)
The Lead Paint Dilemma (09-12-06)
Cold Weather, Bad Timing (09-21-06)
Looking for router advice... (10-03-06)
We Start Demo, Again (12-12-06)
Living Room Reno Continues (12-29-06)
I Wish We'd Known... (01-28-07)
A Red Letter Day (02-18-07)
Clogged. (03-14-07)
Getting the Lead Out...Step 1 (07-26-07)
Wood Windows & Energy Efficiency: Infiltration (08-01-07)
Wood Windows and Energy Efficiency: Thermal Loss (08-05-07)
Wood Windows & Energy Efficiency: Vinyl? (08-07-07)
Replacing Wood Windows: Cost of Restore vs Replace (08-10-07)
Speaking of Salvage and Old House Parts (08-14-07)
Messed Up Floors are SUCH the Rage! (10-01-07)
Storm Windows: Analysis Paralysis (11-05-07)
Wood Windows...The New Cool Thing (11-28-07)
Me = 1, Dishwasher = 0 (12-22-07)
Installing a New Window in an Old Wall (02-04-08)
The Wood in the Basement (02-11-08)
From the Depths of the Murky Basement... (03-21-08)
Catch-Up and the Big Reveal (04-01-08)
Speechless with Delight (04-02-08)
Scenes from the Rebirth of the Living/Dining Room (04-09-08)
Patterns (04-10-08)
Actual Conversation with ComEd (04-14-08)
Restoring the Fireplace: Bungalow Tile (04-15-08)
He Does Tile, Too. (04-17-08)
You Know You Make Me Want to GROUT! (throws hands in air) (04-21-08)
Not Done Yet. But I'm Still Staring. (04-22-08)
What's in the box? (04-23-08)
Well, Back to Feeling Good Again? (05-08-08)
Real AND Spectacular (05-21-08)
Gorgeous Above. Ravaged Below. (05-22-08)
Not so ravaged below anymore. (06-05-08)
Built-In Windowseat Benches (for you, Mom) (08-12-08)
Our Friends Bought the Farm! (08-25-08)
I Used to Hate This Closet (01-23-09)
Our DIY Drama (or Why Building a Porch to Relax on Can Be Very Stressful) (10-11-09)
Back Porch Update (10-16-09)
And Now for Something Completely Different (10-27-09)

Experiences we've had with contractors and home restoration resources.
The Best Chicago House Inspector (06-07-03)
Pest and Animal Removal Vendor (07-08-03)
Home Security Service (07-16-03)
Review: the Silent Paint Remover (07-21-03)
Custom Built Double-Hung Windows (01-25-04)
Steam Boiler Service and Repair (02-06-04)
Tub Refinishing Service (03-25-04)
A Master Electrician Good With Old Houses (03-25-04)
Attic Insulation Removal Service (05-11-04)
Help With Rodding Old Pipes (08-25-04)
Unico AC Installation Vendor (09-25-04)
Little Droplets Everywhere... (03-16-05)
Lovely, Lovely Gardens (05-30-05)
Best contractor in Chicago (06-17-05)
A Good Chicago Floor Refinisher (07-17-05)
Room & Board Outlet (07-11-06)
Radiator Adventure (11-20-06)
My Favorite (Wood) Strippers (08-13-07)

What on Earth!?
Things we've found that the previous owners left behind. (Its a long story...)
What on Earth!? (a brief explanation of all this stuff...) (06-13-03)
The First Batch (06-13-03)
The Second Batch (06-16-03)
The Third Batch (06-17-03)
The Fourth Batch (06-18-03)
The Fifth Batch (06-19-03)
The Sixth Batch (06-20-03)
The Seventh Batch (06-23-03)
The Eighth Batch (06-25-03)
The Ninth Batch (06-26-03)
The Tenth Batch (06-26-03)
The Eleventh Batch (06-29-03)
The Twelfth Batch (06-30-03)
The Thirteenth Batch (07-01-03)
The Fourteenth Batch (07-02-03)
Batch #15 (07-06-03)
Batch #16 (07-08-03)
More...BUNGALOW...or NO? (07-09-03)
Batch #18 (07-11-03)
Staring at the ceiling at 4 am... (07-11-03)
Bungalow Context (07-12-03)
Random Stuff (07-14-03)
Playtime with Batch #21 (07-16-03)
Batch #22 (07-18-03)
Stockperson at "Someone Else's Life Mart" (07-20-03)
Our Next Play Along Game...WHERE on earth... (07-22-03)
Flotsam & jetsam (07-23-03)
Lights, Cameras, Action! (07-25-03)
Hmmm. Where to research these? (07-29-03)
Um. What is this? (07-30-03)
New Game...Trash or Treasure?? (08-04-03)
What is value? (08-06-03)
Modern Design? or Mod Squad? (08-07-03)
Chicago, My Kind of Town: Part 1 (08-12-03)
Chicago, My Kind of Town: Part II (08-13-03)
The Tuba Mouthpiece of Michael Lind (08-17-03)
Is there such a thing as synchronicity? (08-18-03)
what on earth?? random mix. (08-23-03)
What lasts? (08-25-03)
Preparing for the backyard BBQ with friends weekend (08-28-03)
Life hasn't changed much, has it? (08-30-03)
Remnants & Bridges (09-05-03)
Freak out factor (09-06-03)
Okay. Does EVERY home come equipped with a blowgun? (09-13-03)
Makin' Bacon (09-14-03)
different stuff different day (09-16-03)
Bungalow Sleuth Award :) (09-18-03)
Lost the manual?! (09-19-03)
Buried Treasure Mateys...Argh! (09-22-03)
Hurray! Two people dear to us... (09-25-03)
Amazing connections (09-27-03)
Foundry Design, or...the Die is Cast ;) (10-03-03)
If it's is SO outta here. (10-04-03)
Fraternal connections :) (10-06-03)
The "Do Not Call...or send sharp knives...list" (10-09-03)
The Adoption Process (10-10-03)
The things that lurk in the basement (10-12-03)
Vintage Fashion (10-14-03)
Um, honey? There's a flea market in our basement (10-15-03)
The Collectors! (10-18-03)
What is all of the fuss about? (10-22-03)
"The Boy Scout Room" (10-24-03)
Virtual Estate Sale (10-25-03)
Holidays in a HOUSE! Oh boy! (10-29-03)
Christmas on State Street (10-30-03)
What is this thing? (11-03-03)
Loudspeaker...Blues Brothers Style :) (11-04-03)
Things you might see on a bar (11-07-03)
Chicago Mysteries that require Nancy Drew... (11-10-03)
Many big drawer (11-13-03)
Chicago, Part Trois (11-17-03)
The Crazy Wall (11-20-03)
More of the Crazy Wall (11-22-03)
Prepping for work over the holiday (11-25-03)
Restoring a house? Get Nervine! (12-01-03)
Something new that needs detective work (12-05-03)
Ouch! And...Girl Scouts. (12-09-03)
Another Random Batch (while we recover) (12-12-03)
Ode to Stuff (12-17-03)
Paper Bells and other wall oddities (12-19-03)
Tiki Tissue Holder (12-21-03)
Merry Christmas (12-25-03)
What did YOU get for Christmas? (01-01-04)
(Little) Folks in Uniform (01-08-04)
What on earth miscellaneous (01-12-04)
Living with History (01-18-04)
Solving a few mysteries (01-22-04)
The Mystery is Solved! (01-28-04)
Old books about babies (01-31-04)
Cabin fever. (02-05-04)
Who's that girl? (02-07-04)
Happy Valentine's Day, 1888! (02-13-04)
One more Valentine...again, 1888 (02-13-04)
Unraveling a Mystery: Prussia to Chicago (02-20-04)
Dolde, Laupheim and Who On Earth? (02-29-04)
Yes, there's still more stuff here (03-08-04)
California Dreamin' (03-14-04)
Whoa Toto! Watch out! (03-27-04)
Another Year Older (04-04-04)
1945 Headlines From Our Attic (04-08-04)
Stuff (04-14-04)
Dusty old bookshelf (04-23-04)
Local art from a trip long ago... (04-29-04)
More boxes, new stuff (05-06-04)
Someone Was More Frustrated With This House Than We Are (05-11-04)
"On my honor I will do my best" (05-16-04)
Vintage Marlboro? Smoke em' if you got em'! (05-22-04)
The Quest for the Provenance (06-02-04)
Random Access What on Earth (06-09-04)
Where on Earth could you listen to this? (06-17-04)
Junior Birdmen, UNITE! (06-20-04)
You get to guess it! (What on Earth?) (07-01-04)
Traveling History Mysteries (07-08-04)
Card found behind wall (07-16-04)
More House Archaeology (07-25-04)
More "What on Earth?" (07-31-04)
Rocks...older than dirt (08-08-04)
Self Help Retrospective (08-15-04)
Okay, so I need sleep (08-19-04)
Give us a clue...PLEASE! (08-24-04)
Is it art? Or what? (08-31-04)
Say Cheese! (09-10-04)
Sing a Little Tune (10-05-04)
Stuff (10-11-04)
Oh, it's always about the stuff (10-18-04)
Spin It Right Round... (10-24-04)
Children's Book Illustrators (11-05-04) find. (11-11-04)
Wizard Cam? (11-23-04)
First Night Stuff (12-04-04)
We don't know JACK! (12-19-04)
Old Photos...A Reunion Story (12-31-04)
Miniature What On Earth (01-05-05)
Ephemera and other mysterious items from the attic (01-11-05)
My "What on Earth?" Drawer (01-16-05)
"What On Earth?" Drawer: Take Two (01-20-05)
"What on Earth?" Drawer: Part 3 (01-30-05)
What on Earth...Is Cooking? (02-11-05)
Sing-A-Long (03-02-05)
Stuff from Nooks and Crannies (03-13-05)
Sing a Song of Spring (04-05-05)
Million Dollar Recipe (05-02-05)
Mad Props! (05-04-05)
The Last of the Songs in Here...I Think (05-17-05)
We Really Need to Set Up a 'TrashCam' (05-22-05)
Donating a Garage Sale to Charity (05-24-05)
House, Looking for Owner (05-26-05)
Chicago Antiques Guide (10-07-05)
Chicago Cab Medallion c. 1928 (11-30-05)
Weighing In (01-30-06)
Tales from the Past...Old Postcards (03-03-06)
What is it worth? Um, more than we thought. (03-07-06)
Cash in the Attic Basement: Part 1 (03-31-06)
Cash in the Attic Basement: Part 2 (04-02-06)
There's always someone worse off than you are... (06-08-06)
What on Earth: Gerber Knives (07-27-06)
Buried Treasure (08-14-06)
A wire shopping basket (08-17-06)
1928 Edition of "World's Greatest Newspaper" (08-23-06)
1928 Edition...Continued (08-24-06)
Edgar Guest on Talk Like a Pirate Day (09-19-06)
Voices Gone But Not Forgotten (10-04-06)
It Came from the BASEMENT (01-04-07)
Weng Block Prints (01-05-07)
Another (Red) Thing (01-09-07)
Postcards from a Vacation (03-27-07)
Hmm. Steer horns? (04-20-07)
Ephemera: Chicago Advertising (05-02-07)
Alphabets (05-09-07)
(Growing Accustomed to) Robert Downey Jr's Furry Face (06-02-07)
A rare find…number tacks (07-25-07)
What is It? Japanese Comic Book? (09-14-07)
What is this? Russian? (10-17-07)
Shinola (10-25-07)
Philately...the forgotten stamps (11-08-07)
More Doll House Memories and My First Woodworking Project Ever (12-19-07)
Have a seat. (02-02-08)
In Memorium: Siegfried R. Weng (02-21-08)
Dead Mouse or....? (02-29-08)
Dog. In a Top Hat. (03-04-08)
What on Earth is Back! (05-09-08)
Help I.D. This Mid-Century Melamine Plate (05-12-08)
Vintage Postcards (05-20-08)
A hunka, hunka burnin'.... rose quartz? (10-14-08)
Oh My! Are You Looking in My Drawers??? (01-16-09)
Stick 'em up. (12-02-09)
Back to the Boxes! (01-01-10)
I LOVE a Good Mystery, Especially When It Gets SOLVED (01-02-10)
Ephemera Project (01-02-10)
What do these things have in common? (05-03-10)

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