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While my computer savvier husband sets up an integrated website, I'm going to start posting picture of old and ends we find in the bungalow. Please be patient with us! There are so many odds & ends. Whew.

If you have a particular story or comments about the item, use the 'Comment' link below each entry. (As in" My grandmother had one of these, and she used to make us....)

You can send all correspondence to It is so terrific to be able to share all of this, the overwhelming nature of it all, with people who REALLY know what the word "overwhelming" really means.

Item #1--

I thought that this elephant would make a good doorstop, until I noticed the Asian signature on the bottom (see red insert). Any ideas on this one?

Item #2--SOLD

No home should be without a "Beckwith Reed Organ" made in Chicago. Do you know this sweet little thing still works? The 4 middle stops need to be reconditioned. See this in the Estate Sale.

Item #3

A signed copy of the rare book, "The Great Myth", (about American Indians) signed by the author, John C. Wright, with a postcard from the author to the recipient inside. I didn't dwell on this too long, but I know that this was the author who wrote "The Crooked Tree". And that is cool. Wright's grandmother was reportedly the great granddaughter of Pontiac, the revered Ottawa Chief who led the last rebellion against the English at Detroit in 1763.

Item #4--Sorry, these are, um, gone

These are lovely plaster cast foot molds of the PO's mom, who I suspect was having special shoes made. We have two pairs of them. Found in a paper bag.

Item #5

And then there was an unusual children's play book from the late 80's (the, um, 1880's)

Item #6-Adopted

A metal and plastic, never used, in the box, Melodica from Hohner in Germany. The reading material places it around 1950's.

This was an interesting family. We'll find out more about them when we tackle other things in the house and their origins....

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This isn't a Bungalo, it's an ARCHEOLOGICAL DIG!!

The scary part is: multiply ONE house like this by the MILLIONS just like this in Chicagoland alone and one instantly sees a historian's worst nightmare!

Maybe there was something to be said for the Great 1871 Chicago fire. . .

Best of luck!

Ooh, a melodica & a pump organ. Lucky ducks. :-)

Having grown up in a Nebraskan house that 'inherited' a mangle, this is fascinating and somewhat recognizable stuff,
Item #4 are molds made for orthotic inserts into shoes. The 'business end' of these are the reverse flat side. I just recently had a pair fashioned by an old-fashioned podiatrist. His techniques obviously date back to PO's mom's time. If I want more inserts made, I have to return the molds that I am now harboring in my home... for future generations to unearth.

i tried to email you via the link on your website, but it wouldn't go through.

your little elephant "doorstop" really caught my eye, so i did a little investigating. i went to ebay and did a search on japanese bronze, and this is what i found---if your elephant was purchased in the early part of the 20th century, it is probably something from the "meiji" period. i don't know anything about japanese art, but from reading the item descriptions on ebay, meiji seems to be late 19th/early 20th century.

bronze animal figures from that time period seem to be selling for between $200 and $1200, depending on size, quality, condition, and detail. there were a few pieces that reminded me of your elephant, though not as nice, all in the $300 range. since the elephant is so detailed and so delicate (that trunk!), i'd guess he's worth a bit more if he has no damage, repairs, or unfortunate polishing. again, i don't know anything about japanese art, but i do know ebay, and i use it a lot as a "jumping off" point when researching a piece.

now, he could be a $50 elephant from pier one, but based on the PO's family history, i'd say he's worth getting appraised. or you might consider trading him for something like...a gas stove, maybe...

and don't use him as a doorstop! ( ;


Item Number 3 - "The Great Myth" by John Wright. One of these just sold on ebay for $40.52. Here is the URL for the item. I think they stay on 60-90 days. Good information. Sorry I didn't buy it after reading the information about yours. Let me know if yours is ever for sale.


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