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This timeline gives some history about the family as we have been able to piece it together so far (which may explain some items we've been posting). Note: Click on the image to see a larger version...

W. (the father of the PO and the 2nd generation of the family who last owned the house) was a quirky and much loved man. There are still neighborhood stories about his generosity with his time and money for those in need. He was an enthusiastic Boy Scout Leader for 20+ years. He was a member of the Masons. He helped to start a Girl Scout troop and is rumored to have been one of the few men made an "honorary girl scout." He collected rocks and fossils and had a passion for geology. He and his wife would travel to make presentations of the items they collected from all over the world. He loved Chicago, its writings and its historical paper. He was deeply involved in the neighborhood. He was a lawyer for the CTA (he graduated from the University of Chicago--I think his wife did too.) He seemed to be involved in the press and owned over 12 vintage cameras and many more movie cameras, projectors, slide projectors, film editors, and so on....even had a Chicago Press Badge.

Either he or his wife, L, were into languages in books and on records. One of them loved classical music and fine books, but most signed books were made out to him. L seemed to be a fashion plate who loved fine clothing and "nice things", including perfume and accessories.

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