The Second Batch

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Item #1

This is a Buddha from Japan in Bronze. He has an incense burner in his lap. I need to some research on his markings/history.

Thanks to Naomi M., I have more information about this little piece! (look under Comments for this entry...)

Item #2 - Happily Adopted

A Zenith H725 AM/FM "Portable" Radio. Works beautifully.

Item #3 < Adopted

Here is a U.S. Army Standard-issue "Service Set" It was sponsored by Gilette and features: A collapsible razor (non-disposable), a silver box of blades (never used, good as new), and a mirror.

Item #4

This is just one room from the second floor. Yowsa. Eventually all of the historical records and paintings/pictures find their way here too.

Item #5 < See him in the Estate Sale Shop

Mr. Peanut bank. Never used. We blew a lot of dust off of this guy. Found out that this is actually a desirable collectible, especially in mint condition. Who knew?

Item #6

And this is giving you even MORE of an idea of what we've got going on here. Shelves and shelves of glassware, pottery, porcelain, fossils/rocks, lighting, clocks, metal and well as 20 years of Boy Scout supplies. Did I mention the rocks?

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Hi there,

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I just wanted to give you an ID on Item #1, Batch 2, Buddha with incense holder.

That Buddha is a miniature souvenir statue of the Daibutsu (Great Buddha) of Kamakura, the original of which is located in Kamakura about an hour or so from Tokyo. I have one that looks much like yours, but without the incense holder, which I bought from the souvenir shop next to the buddha in 1998. I also found a very similar one in my Japanese grandmother's house in the north of Japan, purchased by a family member during some company field trip or school trip many years (maybe 30 or 40) ago, so they've been making these things for a long time. The Buddha itself has been in Kamakura for hundreds of years.

Good luck with all the rest of the stuff!

Ya know, you always find the greatest rocks in people's basements... old rock collections are wonderous, often oddball items that aren't being collected or are all played out are found. If you have some serious piles of rocks down there, call the local mineral society, I bet someone will come out and relieve you of them.


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