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Okay, we knew it had to happen sometime. Get down to some "nitty-gritty", marks on the bottoms of things, and all that. What is this stuff? Is there a market for it? (Albeit a small one) Can we finance our new bathroom tile and kitchen repairs from these things? Or just buy a new tea cozy?

Item #1--Has new home

Part of the "branded" collection. Tarnished silver top and filigree over glass. Between silver exterior "cup" and top is the word "Nestle" in the glass.

Item #2-Has new home

We've adopted this one, but we're still curious. We think it is a "netsuke" from Meiji Japan that used to be used as decoration for traditional Japanese clothing,,,,

Item #3

This looks like a gold painted porcelain ashtray. The mark is difficult to read, but seems to be a fancy "coat of arms" type design with the words "Stouffer Fine China" on the bottom.

Item #4 < Adopted

Salt and pepper shakers. No further explanation needed, eh?

Item #5

Metal Boy Scout Wall emblem? That's all we can think of,

Item #6 < Adopted

A "Rumford" metal measuring cup, greatly in need of a good polish. It says, "Rumford Measuring Cup" and has marks for "Quarters" and "Thirds".

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Your little monk salt and pepper shakers look just like some my mom has that are made by Hummel in Germany. I am trying to find out more about them but you might see if they have any small markings on the bottom.

Yes, Hummel made that design! Ours are from Japan...(and have been adopted, I think!) You can get more information about these adorable salt shakers (and others) from the book, Florence's Big Book of Salt & Pepper Shakers: Identification & Value Guide

These are Goebel's "Friar Tuck" shakers. There are other items to match. This is the earliest color, I think.


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