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Well! I rummaged through the historical papers and postcards and tickets and menus and so on today while waiting for the pest control people.

This family is certainly well-traveled. And at interesting times too.

Picture is well after World War I. A young "L" enters law school at some point...single, attractive and smart. With well-heeled parents who have invested in international stocks and real estate (and I don't know what else) that allow her to "see the world" with a girlfriend DURING THE U.S. DEPRESSION (1929 - 1936). Her future spouse, W, is also traveling the world at this time. I don't know if they knew each other yet or not. But there they are, our globe trotting pair.

Item #1

Someone was in pre-WWII Germany in 1930.

Item #2

And pre-WWII Pearl Harbor in the early to mid 1930's.

Item #3

We know that both made it to the "Orient" sometime during the early 1930's. From shop receipts, I would trace probably L (?) to this cruise with her girlfriend. I know that she focused most on Japan and China.

Item #4

On another trip perhaps, the Japan-China War of 1937 broke out? Or perhaps something smaller beforehand. I believe the President Taft they refer to is "ex"-President Taft and maybe the "current" President Hoover (1929-1933). I do not know who the Baronness is in Tokyo. But there were refugees, and barricades and confusion. Maybe someone more familiar with history here could comment. I believe this card was part of the traveling "presentation" that W & L gave after marriage to small church groups and so forth. The kimonos, tea and sake sets and so on are still here. This would explain the overpopulation of Asian antiquities a LOT though...

Item #5

Someone was also in Cuba, pre-Castro. Fidel did not assume power until 1959. But this seems to be post "Republica" (1900-1930's?) We also have maracas...pretty strong evidence, eh?

Item #6

A cruise to Bermuda in 1934...very relaxing in the midst of all of this global tension!

Item #7 See this in the Estate Sale Shop

And after all of that, I just want to know...WHO began stealing the ashtrays from hotels in Europe??!

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