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J's unexpected journey through the linen a trip back into her grandmother's all-American "kitsch-en".

And yes, make us an offer on those things that haven't been adopted. We have thousands of things in this house. No kidding. And we will be having a garage sale within the next month. But wanted to give bungalow folks and friends a chance to see and perhaps even own a little Americana at garage sale prices.

You can send all correspondence to

Well! What have we here?? Our built-in linen closet yields wonders.

Items #1- A lot

Potholders and dishtowels GALORE! (Chrissy and Elaine...are you catching this? Some of these potholders were DEFINITELY in Nanny's kitchen.) I couldn't post them all, just a representative sample. Has anyone absorbed the MAGNITUDE of this yet? (As in, what is with ALL OF THE STUFF?)

Item #2 -- Has new's a long story

And if you are enterprising, you will use a mangle like this one (working with instruction booklet and original light bulb still wrapped in packaging) to iron all of your linens. (And shirts and clothes, etc.)

I am not enterprising in this way. We are looking for a nice home for a super low mileage mangle. A B&B in a neighboring city bought one recently or else...perfect. Ah well, their loss? Your gain?

Looking for More?

House in Progress Search for more on 'vintage linens' on this site. Search for 'vintage linens' on on other houseblogs like this one.
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Grew up with an 'inherited' mangle, that my mother 'just couldn't see going to waste' So for a time in the 70's, I was put to work mangling sheets, pillowcases, and cloth napkins as part of laundry duty. There still is no good reason to iron sheets as far as I'm concerned, but it did work like a dream, even with sheets folded in half to fit the feed area. Of course it also 'ironed in' wrinkles and creases if not fed properly. At some point I convinced my mother it was a horrific waste of girlpower to mangle or there may have been some sort of mutiny....

Oh, but I SO want a mangle! I just HATE those permanent wrinkles that develop in the folded-over bits at the top of 100% cotton sheets -- it's so unsightly when you turn down the bed in a fit of fussiness. And my napkins and tablecloths are just a disgrace... [sigh]

Would that you (it) were nearer my Edwardian dream flat on a crack alley in San Francisco...

While I'm here, tapping away: thanks for blogging this adventure for the rest of us! I'm a (new) big fan!

Oh noooooooooo! Then don't read about what happens to the mangle in a later installment...don't read it! It's too...too....well you remember that scene from "adaptations" at the end where the cars hit each other? It's too...graphic and sad.

Hi you guys! Our daughter Lisa Peterson just sent us your website, and we've only begun to scratch the surface in your historical collection of your stories and stuff. Ruby is wondering if you have disposed of all the fabrics, linens, etc. We could probably help out in your garage sale profits if you still have these items or others and are willing to sell them. Aaron, you probably remember the refurbishing that we went through in Aurora. We gutted, drywalled, de-bricked, raised the house, re-wired (actually there wasn't much wiring to replace), re-plumbed (what plumbing), and just about ate all the dirt that we stirred up. We know somewhat what you're going through, except that we did not have the treasures left for us to go through. WOW! What a job you've got. When we come to Chicago the next time, we would like a tour. Do you give those things? When you get out of your llllooonnnnngg shower, or get the mop washed out, and the dust mop shook out, give us an email and let us know about the fabric stuff. Have fun doing what you're doing. Just remember, there will be light at the end of the tunnel, and you'll have a great story to relate to anyone who comes to your BEAUTIFUL home. Great work on the website.
Chuck Andersen
9153 Yarrow St. #1304
Westminster Colorado 80021

Do you know where I might buy an mangle iron? Lee

Everyone LOVES mangles! We get email about mangles from many folks!

The "old time" mangles are somewhat difficult to find...occassionally they are auctioned on eBay or are offered through vintage appliance websites. you can drop the folks at Antique Appliances ( ) a note...they might be able to keep you in mind should a mangle come up.

If you are in the market and want to join a NEW generation of mangle lovers, Miele (which makes amazing appliances) has a new mangle out which your great grandma would have loved...

You can find "ironers" on the Ironrite site at the URL posted.

The site is dedicated to Ironrite ironers, but now and then other brands show up.

Mrs. Danvers

You can find "ironers" on the Ironrite site at the URL posted.

The site is dedicated to Ironrite ironers, but now and then other brands show up.

Mrs. Danvers

You've probably been beseiged by people asking "do you still have....?"...however, I can't resist - if you still have any of the linens...occupied Japan/Geisha stuff...

Also - having bought an 1860 house - which from time to time in its history seems to have been vacant - and therefore suffered from broken window water damage floor well as very odd choices in updates and renovations over the generations....I LOVE YOUR COMMENTARIES! I have thought so many of the same things...including "what on earth were they thinking when they...?"

Thanks for taking the time to create and update and's delightfully refreshing reading.


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