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I am so tired from endless cleaning. You'll have to guess the story of these items and send in your guesses. Are they related? Are they even identifiable?

Items...Random or no?

Boy Scout Bandana!

Note: There's a neat story someone sent about this. Check out the Comment entry from WC...

And...Chicago World's Fair, Fisher Price, a porcelain fish from a Chinese roof, Richard Hudnut, slide projector, lithograph of the London bridge, Hibachi-Ets, Chicago Photographer's badge, retro salt and pepper, black opaque Chevalier de la Nuit by Ciro Parfum...

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Yawn!! Goodnight!

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Hey, That's Cool!! In 1963 I was the 5-year old mascot of BSA Troop 52 from Pancoast Mills, New Jersey and was at the Jamboree at Gettysburg!! The fireworks display at the end of the national jamboree is one of my early memories of doing stuff with my dad and big brother (dad was the scout master of the troop and Jim was a scout, I was just a tag-along)

Anyway, That is so neat to see one is such condition

Dumont, New Jersey

Things we now know about some items:

The duck pull toy is actually an ancient Fisher Price toy! Mama Duck has a tag that says "Fisher Price, East Aurora, N.Y. Pat. No. 2282179 Made in U.S.A" underneath in a little compartment. Circa 1930's


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