The Eighth Batch

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More random (or no?) pictures of items from "the house."

Item #1 - Has new home

I am obsessed now. Many people who have come over to gape at the museum which is our house turn over everything they look at. Now they have me doing it too. Like I know what I am looking at?! This dish says "Royal Albert, Bone China, England, Cotswold." I was in Cotswold for a lovely weekend after working outside of London in June of 2000. Other than that, I have no idea what this "mark" means.

Item #2 < Adopted

There was nothing on the bottom of this coffee can. But there are a few different ones in the house and people seem to like them anyway.

Item #3 - Has new home

This is a vase that we dig. It has symbols on the bottom and is from Austria. We don't like it for the bottom though. We just think that it is nice. You can't read the bottom in photos, which is frustrating.

This is better and just cooler looking as a photo. Some people are probably laughing right now, saying, "She doesn't even know that she has a famous Leffenhoffermausten Vase."

And they are right. Which is why I never felt a need for ADT before this point in my life. Now we have ADT from the previous owner AND our dog. And still have no idea why.

Item #4

This is much more funny than vases. It comes with the weight set, too.

Item #5

Headless turkey salt and pepper shakers. Also kind of funny.

Item #6

Some say Michelin Man...some say Stay Puft Marshmellow Man. To us, he's just a little mystery man.

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That dude is most assuredly the stay puft marshmallow man.

Yeah, Bibendum (that's Mr. Michelin to you!) doesn't wear a little sailor's blouse. Definitely a colloid suspension of Marshmallow there.

Mr Michelin, whereever you are are, pardonnez-moi.

Stay Puft it is! (And he's a pencil sharpener too...MAN! This little guy does it all.)

Definitely the Stay Puft--you can see a giant (evil) one in Ghostbusters, at the end.


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