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It's Ladies Day (or Night) here at "What On Earth?" Or, at least, the stereotypical Ladies persona created by marketers earlier this century.

But I'm digressing into a rant about marketing and feminism. Which would pretty much wreck the lightheartedness of these pages. So, we can talk about that topic on postlacesociety when it is up and running. ("Lace" as in "shoelace" as in a bunch of clog, sandal and Teva wearing pals blogging about modern topics of interest. You know who you are.)

Note: These are all being handled as a seperate kind of sale to be announced later. Some are available online at the Estate Sale

In the interest of time, I've had to take photos of "groups" of these items. Sorry we couldn't linger on each one, but that would take forever!!!

Group 1

These perfume bottles fascinate me. Especially the ones with just a wee bit of perfume left. What was the owner saving it for? What special occasion? Or maybe they just moved on to a new scent. We'll never know.

From left to right:

Sortilege Le Galion
Paris, France

White Rose
(Quadruple Essence)

White Rose
(Quadruple Extract)
Crofts & Reed, Chicago

Crab Apple Blossom
Essence de Luxe
A. J. Hilbert & Co.
Milwaukee, USA

Group #2

Then there were these cool refillable containers.

From left to right:
Skylark Power Puff
in marble jar

DeVillbiss Perfume Bottle (S500-119)
etched crystal with 24kt gold plate

Unknown Bottle

Group #3

Everything in here is interesting. Because now I'm beginning to see bottles sometimes "disguised" as other things. And names of perfumes that suggest unspeakable feelings and acts :)

Far right/front:

Unknown refillable bottle in black silk pouch with faux jewels

Middle row, left to right:
J Lanvin
Paris, France

Mon Desir
Ivel Perfumes
New York

Penthouse (Whisper, B, C, N)
Lucien LeLong

Back row, left to right
Yanky Toilet Water
Richard Hudnut
New York/Paris

Eau de Toilette
Yves Saint Laurent
Paris, France

Group #4

Tiny "mini-me" bottles. We have quite a few of them. Too many for photos.

From left to right:
Le de Givenchy

Cabochard de Gres

by La India

Fleurs de Rocaille

Parfum "Y"
Yves Saint Laurent

Group #5

Agh! Now it's like an overload of perfume bottles. And it is late and I am tired.

In this line up:

Tabu (Diana, Paris); Fleurs de Rocaille (Caron, Paris); My Sin (Lanvin, NY), No. 4711 Blue & Gold (Colonia, Germany); Corday; Evening in Paris (Bourjois, NY/Paris); Cologne Aphrodisia (Faberge, Paris/NY)

Group #6

Stop! Stop! I'm overwhelmed!!

In this line up that haven't been mentioned already:

Shocking de Shiaparelli (New York); Quadrille (Balenciaga, France); Blue Grass (Arden, NY); Tweed (Lentheric); Youth Dew (Estee Lauder, NY); Marbert Man--how did this get in here? (West Germany); Illegible Name (___RCHIEF); Cinnabar (Estee Lauder, NY); Shanghai (Lentheric)

Group #7

Belle de Rauch (Madeline de Rauch, Paris); Lilies (Floris: Perfumer to the King, London)

Couterines Doll Lipstick Case (Revlon, NY); Extrait 14 (Hugues Guerlain, Paris)

Facial Powders (Richard Hudnut, NY/Paris); Je Reviens (Worth, Paris, France)

Last Group

Yup. This is me on a motivated evening when not cleaning. Just to compare. What is here? Facial Powder (Clinique, NY/London/Paris), Great Lash Mascara (Maybelline, NY); Perfect Blend Crayon (Cover Girl, Maryland); Carmex (Franklin Wisconsin); and--because I became addicted to it in Anncey, France--Allure (Chanel, Paris).

Thank you to the supporting cast of scents and make-up that were fascinating but not photographed:

Young Hearts (Avon, NY/Pasadena); Nectar Lipstick (Avon, NY), Contina No. 7 (Detroit Michigan), and Hawaii Nei Pikaki Lei of Fragrance (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Looking for More?

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Google Search for 'vintage perfumes' on Google. Search for 'vintage perfumes' on


The White Rose by Geronne is from 1908.

Crofts and Reed was in business from 1910 to 1921 but I would date this particular bottle toward the earlier years of their business because of the style. (and the fact that the other two are from around 1908)

I found the Hilbert company mentioned along with a list of scents that they produced but the Crab Apple Blossom was not mentioned. Must have been
a flop. :( Anyway, almost all of those scents were also circa 1908 with a few up to 1918. Since the White Rose is definitely 1908, chances are this one is too.

The DeVilbiss bottle is circa 1920's or 30's. This large glass top was a style popular in that era. The glass was probably made in Czechoslovakia and imported. Then DeVilbiss put their hardware on it. Hope this helps!

Janice's site, , is a GREAT resource for collectors!

She was so kind to help us out with these mysteries!

Thankyou so very much for this info. I have 4 "almost empty" bottles of LeGalion, one that is shown in the first photo, "Sortilege" - that one has the most left in it! then a bottle of "Brumes", with just a trace, a bottle of "Bourrasque" and "Lilly of the Valley" each with just a trace - and I came to the conclusion that JUST a trace was left so we, today, can appreciate the most wonderful scent of them! I open them once in a while and put some on. My long deceased Aunt owned them and when I smell the essence, I am reminded of her and of another era. I would LOVE to purchase a bottle of "Brumes", know of any about??? Best to you, Margo


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