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Original Prints

Here are some prints that J photographed today...

And they're signed....

Looking for More?

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Hello, They are old ones. The artist have used rests of papers for the first prints - as long as they didn´t know, if they are sattisfied with the print-result.

Your item #2 is from the listed artist Künstlername: Bastian, Rufus A.
Geschlecht: m
Künstler. Beruf: Maler; Designer
GEO-Nachweis: Vereinigte Staaten
Staat: Vereinigte Staaten
Geburtsdatum: 1908.12.08
Geburtsort: Milwaukee (Wisconsin)
Erwähnungsort: Phoenix (Arizona)
Fundstelle: AKL VII, 1993, 421
and not from a student! Be more carefull with advices. Best regards. rotbartbarbarossa from german "cafe" Kunst und Antiquitäten

thank you rotbarbarossa!

Bastian, Rufus A. (1908- ); Active: 1938 c.1962; State: Arizona; Skill: Painter; Listed: WA(2) WA(8) MS; Rating: 14

Bastian, Rufus A.

Mentioned in:

"Who's Who in American Art: Volume 2"
"Who's Who in American Art: Volume 8"
"Mallett's Supplement Index of Artist"; by Daniel T. Mallett, Peter Smith Pub.,New York, 1948"

14....This artist's original works may have regional, historical value.

Jeannie- Your Uncle Kermit knows something about the etchings-the snowy landscape and trees-call him or e-mail us as you see the e-mail address. Kermit is at 952-988-7766 Or 952-473-0316 Thanks! Lea and Kerm


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