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Let's take a trip back in time and then look at...


The second half of the first floor. Tomorrow, it's BACK TO THE STUFF.

Bathroom & Bedrooms BEFORE we bought

I wish I had taken more pictures of the Master Bedroom before. It was just so crowded, I couldn't stand anywhere to take a decent picture.

Bathrooms & Bedrooms NOW

We haven't even DONE ANYTHING YET. We've just cleaned it and put in temporary living fixes (note the shower curtain-lined walls in bathroom...pre-tile). The dog is much happier. But we still have to put the new fabric on the ceiling...because this is what we see at night before the lights go out. Yech.

The Back Room and Kitchen BEFORE we bought

Can you even SEE these rooms beyond the stuff? And the island in the middle of the floor basically took up ALL of the floor space.

The Back Room and Kitchen NOW

Again, more windows to pry open. New curtains will help (versus the sheet in the back room that she left up there...and do you like how they started painting down the wall--then stopped? That's to cover up some old roof leaks). We still have unpacking to do in the backroom, but thanks to the power of wireless technology, it is our office. And it looks out onto the REAL kitchen.


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