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Tonight, we are playing a NEW GAME here on WHAT ON EARTH??!! It is called... NAME THAT MARK

I'm ready for a loooonnngggg weekend. Which means less babble, more photos for a few days. Still! See if you can "Name that Mark!"

What do these marks tell us about these items?

Item #1

Item #2 < Adopted

Item #3

Item #4

Item #5

Item #6

Item #7

Item #8

Item #9

Looking for More?

House in Progress Search for more on 'porcelain markings' on this site. Search for 'porcelain markings' on on other houseblogs like this one.
Google Search for 'porcelain markings' on Google. Search for 'porcelain markings' on


Items no. 3 and 7 appear to be American Limoges and Sebring Pottery, respectively. I'm not sure exactly when these pieces were produced, but the American Limoges piece must be 40's or later due to the "American" added to the Limoges name. Sebring Pottery was a sister plant to American Limoges and produced many of the same or similar pieces. For a good summary of the American Limoges history, check out this article...American Dinnerware. -KW

#6 HAS BEEN SOLVED! It is Gefle -ware, from Sweden. A whole set. Kind of black, purplish jelly-like glass. The mark you see here is the INITIAL's of the Gelfe artist. Who we have still not identified. Because most sites about Gefle are in Swedish.


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