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Category: What on Earth!?

It is time for another installment of "What on Earth?!!" Today's what on earth has us trying to sort out items that are very definitely future garage sale from possible private sale or eBay items.

Garage sale items are usually:

a) Too big or WAY too fragile to ship.
b) Just don't warrant eBay charges.

Some things are obviously garage sale, albeit some very COOL garage sale items. And when we get that garage "sale friendly" (i.e., there is room to PUT things in the garage), you're all invited. Camping in the backyard is possible for roadtrippers. Less adventurous roadtrippers could make a weekend of it in one of lovely Chicago B&B's or hotels. You may fulfill your garage sale dreams here. Or you may just enjoy all the bungalow and Frank Lloyd Wright sightseeing that our fair city has to offer. :)

Slidetrays and storage boxes. Four cardboard boxes of them. < Two boxes full of slide trays are adopted

A lovely pleather carry-on bag:

More luggage. A set of "That 70's Show" Samsonite:

More Samsonite. This a little the box. (Took out for photos) Oh yes. And all baggage has keys for locks. Nifty eh?

This is a set of audiocassette and VHS tape holders that I know you are wanting...NEEDING...sorry. Couldn't find the 8-track tape holder.

Actually, these next three are kind of cool. Just two big for shipping. Both of these bags are from before W and L were married. So, I believe they are pre-1934 or so...

And I just really dig this one because it is an "Amelia Earhart" suitcase. Celebrities were used for brand identity pretty early it seems. My guess, just out of respect, would be that this is from between 1928 and 1937...

And would it be a garage sale without vintage appliances? In this case, we have many typewriters. And adding machines. And lawyer's files, steel file cabinets, wooden file trays and other office items galore. They were lawyers and many of their office things wound up here. Here's just a typewriter (of a few of them):

Next....Batch #16!!

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this reminds me of a job i had one summer in high school- my piano teacher paid me to come over to her house every day and help her clean/sort through everything! plus they recently had a fire- so i had to sort through smoke/water damaged items, and the biggest need was helping her go through her daughter's belongings/room- she had died approx. 6 years earlier- but they never went through all her stuff. she was actually a deadhead- so i inherited some cool patches, pins, and tapes.

Your site is great! It appeals to me in a few ways - we are recent 1st time home owners; although we really wanted and older home like yours, we settled for a tiny 1950's one - had to have that gingerbread kitchen, and most people rip out all that great tile! I am originally from Chicago and on our last visit we decided that moving back from Texas would be a good move and closer to my family. But we just bought this house so it will have to wait a few years. One thing about Chicago, is it is mecca for junkers, thrifters and garage sale junkies like myself - as well as being home to so many older homes. There are no basements in the south and suprisingly not enough fun & affordable junk to go around. I hit 5 garage sales this weekend and came home empty handed! Most of the older houses are wood and if they weren't taken care of, were or will be ripped down because of decay. In Chicago there are an abundance of older and historic homes with basements of preserved kitsch just waiting to be appreciated! I am kind of interested in some of the items you have listed, like the lipstick holder doll or the Royal Haeger's kidney bean shaped dish. Are you selling? I would love a souvenier of your endeavor! Keep up the good work! I am a fan!


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