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We've found quite a few items around the house, which COULD belong to the bungalow era of this abode. OR they could belong to a more recent era (like the 50's or 60's...). OR they could belong to a different house entirely. (Remember, W was a collector...who knows where this stuff came from. We are still finding windows in the garage that we are fairly sure did NOT come from this style of house.)

YOUR job is to guess BUNGALOW...OR NO? And to also tell the rest of us what the item is.

There are many items that we hold up and play these games with. "Could be a hands-free clamp? An Art Deco cigarette holder? A torture device? Your call...."
Now it gets to be YOUR CALL!

For example, WHAT WAS THIS?

I've lettered the items to make them easier to refer to. You can click on a picture to get a better look. And you can leave your answers in the comments section of the page.


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My contribution for what its worth......

G - Cup & toothbrush holder. Looks ceramic and definitely bungalow era (although they still do make them today).

H & I - Ends to towel bar. Also bungalow era (although still made today). Replacement bars are sold at the big box stores.

O - Oooohhhh.....very cool. There should be another more plain looking piece that fits in the inside of the house/door. Kind of a shoot to direct the mail. Bungalow era.

L - Looks like the hardware for curtain rods. They look newer than bungalow era to me.

B - Very nice also. Could be from the 1920-30's. Its a nice one cuz the screw does not go through the knob itself. They sell in the ballpark of $10-$20. (I had black handles like that in a former 1928 condo I owned)

Is the top item a from the knee wall in your attic? They used to build in "dressers" into the knee walls.

Hmmm. I didn't realize how that first item didn't translate "scale-wise" because I cropped the photo! That little cabinet, which has been sloppily painted brown...even on its ceramic about 1.5 feet high and maybe a foot wide. I'm thinking...some kind of bathroom cabinet? Or kitchen thing? Or maybe it's just a little tool and thingy holder.

We're trying to figure out what was original to the house so we can put it back (it was built in 1914)...but some of these things are really stumping us!! Thanks, S, for your answers to the ones you knew!

I've had fun following the progress of your "archeological dig" since you began posting to the Bungalow Forum.

I believe "Y" may be an Eskimo Ulu Knife.

Is your front door original to the house? If not, the doorset "N" and mail slot "O" may have been from the original door. Or you may still have your mail slot in the wall and it has been covered up. We had to cover ours and get a mailbox because our dog kept eating the mail!

Okay, here goes:

A - Old water valve. AC era? maybe. plumbing, electrical, and bath items were the same for all early 1900 houses. Unless you know a plumber with a knack for history, I would add it to the "neat old house thingies, pile".

B & E - ? I can't really make them out.

C - This looks like a forced air grate for 1900 era systems that came up through the base moding. I had something like this in a victorian apartment.

D - This is a chord support. I have one sticking out of the side of my 1901 house supporting the end of the phone support wire.

F,J&K - ???

G,H&I - Obviously a toothbrush/cup holder and towel rod supports, but the bright white color is amazing. These would be in a bathroom from 1905 to today.

L - ?

M&N Gate latch. From the material patina, I would guess early 20th century.

O - A very nice A&C mail slot.

P - A wooden door stop. Actually, these tend to be 1800 era victorian, but a holdover piece of simple hardware can go anyhwere.

Q - Looks like a strike plate, although I cannot be sure.

Q',R&T - Early door/draw pulls, these go anywhere. Nice patina.

S - Looks a bit art deco.

U - This is an early electric floor outlet cover.

V,W,X&Y - I do not know what V is and I will not insult you with the rest (no, really I know what they are, I'm not trying to get one past you). These easily would be in a AC era kitchen. I would make a small kithcen display of them.

Past the junk, there is some really nice things here. The signed art print of the trees is beautiful. That would go nicely in an oak A&C frame. Item 6 in Batch 8 is definitely the Stay-puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters. That duck pull toy in Batch 7 is great, feel free to donate it to my Bungalow Baby ;). Ah, Item 5 in Batch 2, Mr. Peanut. Not only was I correct about the collectiblity, but I have the same one in green (albeit with a broken top hat). That radio is cool. Good call on keeping it.

We think F, J, K might also be from a bathroom. They were in with the rest of the ceramic fittings. F is possibly an old fashioned shower head! It has holes only on half, which makes sense for a clawfoot tub where you don't want the water to go everywhere.

J & K MIGHT be fittings to hold other things in place. We have no idea!

Okay, I give, I give! What IS X exactly? I'm not usually a kitchen person and I really don't know. Potato peeler?

X is a corer/peeler -- used to core apples and peel apples and potatoes. I still have one . . . gosh I feel old!

Did they have a good sized dog? V looks like a guillotine cutter for trimming dog toenails...

V looks like an olive-pitter...vintage, unknown. And I'm gonna say X is a "mezzaluna" (a curved food chopper)...they still make 'em, but they've been around for centuries. Were any of the previous homeowners Italian, by any chance??

Close on d but not quite. It is a wire stay and can be used for all kinds of wires, but it is specifically designed to hold the old 300 ohm TV antenna wires (the flat ones, long before coax cable - the kind coming out of most rabbit ear antennas, if anyone still has those).
Notice that if you turn the plastic disc so that the slot matches the opening in the metal hook, you can slide the antenna wire into place with out having to thread it through the hole, so you can add stays without disconnecting the whole wire.
The centre opening is diamond shaped, so it can hold flat or round wires, but it was meant for flat wires.

Other things we now know about these items:

F - is an old fashioned shower head and the style only had holes on one side.

J & K DOES hold other porcelein pieces of bathroom hardware in place on a wall. (good call guys!)

V is actually for picking up the non-handle edge of hot cooking pots! (or, at least, that's what I was told...)

and Y IS an Eskimo Ulu. :)

The 1913 temp house we are in has all the original curtian hardware. M is for holding up metal single conventional curtain rods. There should be two for each window. The holes used to be a tad bigger and a little farther up the ends of the bent rods. They were very much like what they sell today and you just put the metal stick part of that mount through the holes.

P is a wooden door stop. You just screw it into the baseboard and it works great. It is the right time line for your house as well. You will pay between 5 and 15 bucks for one on e-bay.


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