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We're back with BUNGALOW...OR NO? Everyone has been so helpful in identifying things that we are starting to sort it out...sorta.

Here's the latest batch (remember to click on the picture to make it bigger):

This is A < Adopted

This is B

This is C

(You were relaxing there for a minute, weren't you? Thinking, "Oh, man! This is too easy!!!" Well...!)

< E is adopted

< Adopted

Whew! It's been a day. I've got to go to bed. 'night!

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Oooo! Oooo! (Waves hand) I know what "E" is! It's a knife holder that hangs on the wall in your kitchen. It should have 5 slots at the top for you to slip your knives in. If the knives are really long, they'll hang out through the the bottom. I've got one just like it, but it's red where yours is blue. Personally, I think it's very bungalow.

We think A = the door of a bathroom cabinet above a sink. And B = a boot scraper, but bungalow? I don't know.

C=We think this has something to do with the old electricity. Hmmm.

D= Doorstop maybe? Does it look like that to you?

E=KW is on the money on this one. In fact, it still has the intact advertisement on the back.

F=Something that either hangs in a door or closet for hanging "things"...or maybe for a slide projector screen?

G=My mom guesses swinging curtain rod and I suspect that she is correct. It is pretty cool.

F is indeed for hanging hangers, with things on them. It's meant to take up less room than a cloths rod. Imagine several shirts on hangers, hanging from this.

B is a support onto which you put your shoe while getting a shoeshine. Look for them the next time you're in an airport.

I think C is the low voltage transformer for a doorbell.

C is part of the original electrical service. Mine was mounted on a board in the basement.

I think G goes with the bungalow. Most hardware crossed house styles. The true determination should be whether it works well or looks nice.

Much luck in your continuing saga.

C is the original install of telephone service.

B, as others have said, is a boot scraper, usually fould near a back door service entry. Great for cleaning up after leaving a muddy garden area. Can't tell if it has a vertical (scraping) or horizontal (cobbling) plane surface.
OR a support for shoe shiners. Perhaps even cobblers who need to flip the boot over, slip it over the structure for a sole-hammering surface. Cobble on!


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