Batch #18

Category: What on Earth!?

Overloaded "to do" sleep. Quick random batch for all you "what on earth?!" fans out there. (And yes, there are things on this page that we have not figured out. Though we know the last one antique toaster. No joke.)

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One of your ex-Scient folks checking in. Object #4 is a lemon squeezer. I doubt it's that old. I know from having bought one that there are ones just like it on sale now. Unfortunately, it turns out that it's not nearly as useful as a lemon reamer.

Hi, how big are those "Bermuda" thingies? They look like souvenir coasters, which were often sold in sets of six. They're pretty cool!

Hi Tony! Yes, I don't know where that came makes sense that is a lemon squeezer! It took me a few days before I could figure out if it might belong on the tool or kitchen shelf. It ended up on the kitchen shelf, so...I'm starting to get the hand of this.

And KW, those ARE coasters. One set of a few from Bermuda. They took a couple of trips to Bermuda, one in the 1930's and one in the late Fifties (I think?) I'm inclined to believe these are from the fifties. Funny that the wrapping is still on, but that is true of many things in here.

Take care!

Bungalow nutter here, chiming in.

Number 3: Felis Catus Sleepus.

Ever helpful, I am.


Object #5 is used to slice tomatoes (I've got one but have never used it) You place the tomato on a cutting board and then saw through it.

Mystery3 looks like a hard boiled egg slicer we had...

Yes the last one is a toaster, and you can still buy them for camping. You put it over the burner of a camp stove or over a campfire and rest the bread on the sides.

The last item in batch 18 is an old fashion toast maker. It was used to sit over the flame of a stove with four pieces of bread on it.

Sorry, did not read the comment above!


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