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I don't know why I can't sleep. But, man. Birds get up EARLY! They started their little morning bird songs at 4 AM! I wish I didn't know that.

But the "What On Earth?!" fans are excited because that means I'm going to try to go to bed early. So it's pictures of stuff, stuff and more stuff. (There's an especially exciting flashback for you North Park University fans.) And remember! Click on something to make it larger.

From vintage Japanese Comic books to Coca-Cola....

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Cufflinks, Mardi Gras, Huggie, "Pit" The Game!, barware....

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< Adopted

< Adopted

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For CG, who emailed me...yes, that IS a Sheriff's Badge! It is a Badge for a Kane County Sheriff's Deputy. Kane County is northwest of Chicago...

Man that stuff is cool.. i'd kill for that coke sign.. and the asian stuff is neat too..

The two Asian pieces at the top are Japanese. The lower one seems to be an old ad for some sort of children's books (historical, perhaps?); I can't make out what's on the upper one (the text is too small). Neat stuff, though!


You are so clever...the second picture is the back cover of the first picture. If you click on the thumbnail and make it bigger, can you see the symbols more easily? Do you read Japanese?

(I, sadly, do not. So much of this is a mystery to me...)

This message is for Jeanne: Jeanne, I noticed that you had a Kane County Sheriff Badge on this website...Is it for sale? Do you still have it?



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