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I am starting to realize why I am as fascinated with the history of this house as I am with fixing it....I need context. The big picture. The story.

I mean, who slept in the room I'm sleeping in for all of those years? What did they think as THEY stared at the ceiling not able to get to sleep at 4 am?

I've been corresponding with a very nice person who I found by doing a search on the last name of the oldest deed we have on the house...Kjeldsen. I found her daughter's email address and, like a big geek, wrote her daughter about my research project. That day, the daughter's mom answered me...she is a first rate researcher and great geneaologist! I'll share more of what we found in the next installment.

Tonight, though, I need some bungalow context...

Like, this thing?

This needs a context.

Many times when I pass the shelves downstairs, I sigh, wondering about these things...like "What are they?" or "Why are they here?"

I decided that what I was lacking was context.

So here's a little exercise dedicated to Jane Powell and Linda Svendsen (Bungalow Kitchens--excellent book)

Here is a picture from page 111 of Bungalow Kitchens (remember to click on it to make it larger...and check out the book if you want to see some cool bungalow kitchens!):

And here is a photo taken at our house, hastily, at 3:30 am, from things on the shelves and in the basement.

Not an exact match. But a much more fun way to sort things off the shelves!

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Isn't that a meat grinder? A grinder of some sort. Clamp to table and it rises far enough above the table to feed stuff into top and catch ground stuff in a bowl under the egress thingy(for want of a more correct term).

Or has this idea already been discarded by someone with a better view or greater knowledge or both?

Definitely a meat grinder - I grew up with one. Makes fresh hamburger!

A meat grinder! Yep! Or, if the folks who originally owned it were Swedish, it is a grinder for Fläskorv. (Potato sausage)

See, context is everything :)

Meat grinder, and given that the majority of store bought ground beef has listeria (sp?) and e. Coli, it might come in handy for fresh, mostly bacteria free hamburgers...Or eBay.

No, you're all wrong! ;)

It's a cranberry relish grinder--you attach it to a table in the basement, put a bowl under the end opposite the crank, put oranges (peel and all) and cranberries in the top and crank away. The smell is wonderful, very Thanksgiving/Christmas-ish. I think sugar was added at some point, but I haven't made it since I was a kid...

I grew up on a farm in Royal Oak, Michigan. It's definitely a meat grinder. You can grind up chuck or round steak to make hamburger. There should be two or three extra blades to grind more coarsely to make ground meat for chili. There used to be an attachment for these to make sausage as well.

You'll find these in large numbers at garage sales and flea markets. You can also still purchase new ones most likely at Walmart or Meijers.


meatgrinder. pate. you say you lived in france??? this is how they make pate.

I use mine to make "CHUM" for fishing. Simply put the old bluegills, etc. in the machine and crank out stinky, great chum for big gamefish.

Love ya, Dad

Very cool red handled utencils. Keep in mind that there are people out there who only collect the red handled ones......and they are quite hot right now.

Jeannie-The red and white kitchen display that includes the meat grinder has a white terrior dog on it ? I will take anything that has wht. terrior dog's on it. Lea A.


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