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Today our site was featured on the popular site boingboing.net! (You can see their description of our site here.)

As a result we saw a HUGE spike in traffic today!

Many thanks to Cory and boingboing.net! :-)

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wow, and the hosting service held up!

sweet! ;-)


Your site is so fun. I loved looking at all the pictures - you really have some treasures there. Some of the pottery would bring a good price at an antique shop - it looks like the previous owners had a shop and just stored all its contents at your house. I think you should definitely see a dealer before you garage-sale that stuff - some of it will bring a good price. If you do have a garage sale I wish I could attend, but I live in CA. Still, it's tempting! That stuff marked "Heidi Shoop" - it's valuable - some of those figurines go for $200. Check it all out before you just "throw it away at a garage sall price!" Looks like you might have a lot of McCoy pottery also - all pricey, especially the futher west you go.


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