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This entry is totally random. My life has become random.

Things I'm thinking about:

- I do not miss cable TV except that I can't get any news of the outside world. This may be because I ONLY get my news from one source...The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Because if we weren't laughing, we'd be crying. (But it REALLY bothers me that you have to get through ads to get to their site now...Jon, I love you. Now stop that.) Okay. Enough politics. Or big JW is going to jump in here and rant at me. :)

- Being on the front page of BoingBoing.net for a day surprised me...I mean, wow! Isn't that like the cool guy in school noticing you before he asks out your sister? It's so fleeting, yet so...so...I don't know! BUT! My DAD posting on the site...that just floored me. My dad! Screening our Blog! That is, like, BIG TIME!!!! Dad! What are you doing on the INTERNET???

- La-la-la...groovin to the new Victor Vagabond CD and diggin' it.

- We solemnly handed over a few trinkets from the house this weekend to our pal, E, who is the manager of a U.S. Soccer Team and has to move to L.A. We'll miss you E...but we're glad the bowling shirts will be with you.

- Where is the battery charger for the digital camera? Oh, over here...behind these boxes. Oh, my new mascara too. The next entry this evening is the latest installment of "WHAT ON EARTH??!!" for the fans of stuff. (Now that we've categorized the entries, I'm posting them separately.)

All the stuff today? It's all random.

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Hi kids !

I would check out the value of the jeep with soldiers on e-bay as the otherson person renting office space in the same building here is doing $1,500.00 to $ 2,500.00 in old toys, etc.

But you have to list everything separately or in groups.

Like the 1955 inaugural issue of Playboy with Marilyn Monroe just nsold for $ 4,500.00.

So be it. Collectors, why not ?

Love ya,



What were you looking for when you "stumbled" across the inaugural issue of Playboy?



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