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I was just yanking stuff out of boxes today and taking pictures of it. For awhile, I tried to have a system. Now...whatever. But our garage sale this Fall is going to be a BLAST!!!

Part of going through things is wondering about how it ended up here. What was it originally intended for? And where did it come from? And when?

When I pulled this out of the pile, all I could think of was "Hmmm. Brainwashing little kids...1947-style...." (Click on the picture to make it bigger)

But when I opened up the record jacket (it folds open), I SERIOUSLY freaked out.

Whoa! That is a SCARY WALL! Besides, if this woman had actually LISTENED to her big sister's record (the woman who sold us the house...she's in her late 50's or so), the walls might have actually been BRIGHTY-BRIGHT! But, they were pretty yucky-yuck, actually.

And then there is Bach (conducted by Pablo Casals...who is cool), filed on the shelf next to...

COOLEST! And just in case we thought that the whole "War Protest" incident downtown back in March was a new thing for law enforcement here...

The inside of the record album cover demonstrates that perhaps there's been a teensy issue there for awhile...

There are SO many things wrong with this picture, I can't even begin. But. Gene Autry's version of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" is also in this slipcover. And that makes me feel better. He's a trustworthy guy.

Would you trust this santa doll with your mommy? Would you??!! All that white velvet...

This is the reel-to-reel version of this recording (no lie). Makes the phrase "Get comfortable...I'll just put some music on..." safe for many a wide-eyed maiden. Going nowhere fast...

I found this too close to the santa doll.

< Adopted

No! No! NOOOOOOOO!!!!! I DID NOT LIKE having my picture taken when I was a kid...especially around Christmas time. I don't know why. I was sure I couldn't look or sound that geeky in real life, else I was DOOMED. And Christmas involved:

a) the wearing of some kind of pajama,
b) the showing of visual expressions of appreciation, and
c) waving/smiling and looking otherwise "Christmas-y".

As a dark, brooding 14 year old, "visual appreciation" was a look I had yet to learn...I was better at "sullen" or "cranky".br>

Did anything ever scare you or make you cranky about Christmas? (I mean, I like it NOW. Just back then...)

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It's almost 11 and you have no comments yet. If you can go to the trouble to post the cool stuff, the least I can do is comment. Notwithstanding that I don't have a great deal to say. My first thought was that that album about being neat might have made a realy difference in my life. Then your observation that it didn't take on the previous owner shot that thought all to heck. No early Christmas traumas here.

the tree fell on me once. this site makes me laugh!


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