Playtime with Batch #21

Category: What on Earth!?

Oh BOY!!! Look what we found in an old wooden chest!

Do any of these bring back memories for anyone? Or do you wish they did? :)

Item #1

Item #2

(Cut glass bowl not included...but we had to put the marbles in something close by...those are Peltier Banana marbles)

Item #3--Gone to loving home :)

Item #4

Item #5 Happily adopted

Item #6 < See this on the Estate Sale Site

Item #7 < See this on the Estate Sale Site

Item #8

Item #9

Item #10

Item #11 < Adopted

Item #12

Item #13

Item #14 < Adopted

Item #15 < Adopted

Item #16--Adopted :)

The tag says "American Character Doll" and its about 2 ft high---but no one ever played with this doll.

Item #17--Wooden furniture has been adopted

This wooden dollhouse furniture is so reminiscent of the bathroom and kitchen fixtures that are supposed to be IN the house...Sigh. The baby doesn't seem happy either.

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Oooo! DH (stands for Dear Husband or Dumb Husband, depending on the situation) would love the fire company car, since he's a fireman. But I think your real treaure is the doll. I feel sorry for him, locked away in a box like that. I'd love to give him a home, but you would probably get more for him on eBay, since he's an American Character (popular with collectors), he's a pretty large size and he's in mint condition. What's he made out of...vinyl, hard plastic? It doesn't look like composition. If you decide to list him, let me know--I'd like to see how high he goes.

We have a confirmation on Sonny Boy from the kind people at the eBay Collectibles bulletin board. He is an American Character doll from 1951, but there aren't many around and not much is known about him. He is vinyl with a stuffed cloth body. His vinyl skin is "magic skin" which gets tan and such in the light of day. So to keep him nice, we keep him in the box until he gets a fab home with lots of doll gal-friends :) Otherwise the skin gets soft and saggy.

Maybe why there aren't many around today!

None of the doll books I checked list him, but someone found him in two VERY OLD doll books.

Items #13 are really old metal matchbox cars...Item #5 is an adorable pull toy game called "feed the chicks". And #2 is, of course, Chinese Checkers.

I am very interested in purchasing Sonny Boy. Is he for sale? My mother's first doll looks exactly like the photo and he is also an American Character doll. This is the first time I have found a doll like him. Please respond.


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