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So, we're going to re-do the 1st floor bathroom tile. Want to help?

What we do know is that we want to go with "subway tile" (specifically Greenwich Village tile from American Olean). It fits the vintage of the house and is just generally cool looking. However, after that we're kind of torn. Which of these tile border patterns do you think we should we go with? (Disregard the colors...we're not set on green and are considering black or grey.)

Option A--Around the Outside

Option B--Headin' Straight Through

Option C--Looping Around the Window

If you have better ideas, we're open to those too. We'll probably have someone in to do the tile in mid-August...

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With senior eyesight it is a bit tough to distinguish between the 3 patterns, so what can we tell you? Why don't you just make it straight diagonal?

Stage whispers: psst...Grandpa Keith, pick Option's like a multiple choice test...

A is the answer--it's the one that makes logical sense. Not that anyone will think about it intellectually visiting the site, but it is the most well-defined. And green is good, or black & white, or whatever fits the fixtures!

I prefer A to B but like the way C highlights your great window. Some help I am ... :)

P.S. I've been reading your site faithfully since you started and now make it my first stop - even before the AB forum! Now that's sayin' something!

Look's good guys! I prefer options A or B. I think Option C draws too much attention to the window. Are you sure you want that much tile? It'll probably look more authentic to the house but it'll cost a lot. You probably already know that though. Have fun!

Cost? What?? Argh!!

ok, despite the fact that I have had a couple of drinks at my good friends A&W's wedding I will have to reccomend a variation on option B "Headin' straight through." if it was me, and its not, i would pick b but drop the "green" line down one row so that it followed all the way through and wasn't broken up by the window. Why give the window that much power? Option A would definitely be my next choice if the modified option b looks terrible. Option C... sure I like the window, but it is just a glass brick window, yes? So those are my thoughts from earlier today. If they change I'll let you know, but I don't think so...

see ya tomorrow!!!

Hi !

I'm not sure about the options, need to think further.

Would you consider stopping the tile within the boundaries of the tub itself ?

Don't know, just a thought.

More later.

Hi !

I'm not sure about the options, need to think further.

Would you consider stopping the tile within the boundaries of the tub itself ?

Don't know, just a thought.

More later.

my initial thought was that Iiked option A best. i then went to the tile website, the tile you picked and after looking at the same photo they had with the trim tile on top- it confirmed i like A best.
my second choice would be C- though since it's just a glass block window- don't know if it's so special it needs its own framing.
option b kinda leaves your eyes hanging. if you weren't tiling so high up the walls i'd say option b isn't bad- but b/c you're tiling goes up rather far- it carries your eyes with it- but then your eyes are sorta wondering around looking for a place to rest.
well that was probably too detailed.
option A is my favorite.

I agree with Keith - A is most appealing. We "old folks" know!!!!! And considering A's height, the tile needs to be up that high........

Definitely Option A. If you are planning on having an opaque shower curtain, I think you'll be happier with A because with B and C your line of colored tiles on the wall with the tub would only be seen when the curtain was open.

Hi, Jeanne! Yet another vote for option "A." However, I am biased, since that's what we have in our bathroom, circa 1939. I've got pics in my AB profile, although we've got square, not subway tile. The continuous horizontal line just doesn't do it for me...reminds me of the net on a tennis court. I also vote for more tile vs. less. In fact my favorite retro bathroom is tiled from floor to ceiling. I'm so envious...check it out in Shannigan's Boppin' Bungalow.

Straight through is the only way to go - agree with other that you don't want or need to highlight the window. Following the top edge will excentuate the different heights and draw your view to it - not what I would want.

Gerry - Melbourne, Australia.

I cast my vote in person today, but to make it official, I like option A the best.

I vote for Option A -- draws the eyes to the borders (the farthest edges) and makes the room seem bigger than it probably is. (Not that I've seen it in person, but...)

Wow! You've given me a new appreciation for the tile choices made in our bungalow bathrooms! I had never really thought about the options. That being said, I vote for option A...and I like the idea of green tile for the accent.

Of the three, Option A!

But if I may be so bold--we just redid the bathroom in our 1923 2-flat and ran the tile up the walls to just about the height of the showerhead, same height on all 4 walls. It turned out great--a very clean (and very "period") look. Yes, it is a lot of tile--but we were lucky enough to find what we needed (white subway and white hex tiles) at Tile Outlet on Fullerton...thus allowing us to splurge on cool light fixtures.

Just a thought--best of luck and kudos for a great site!

Option A is the most historically accurate of your choices. But what about D? That would be A plus trimming out the window. Sounds like a lot, but I think the only reason anyone would hesitate on A is that the window looks undefined.

"A" is the go, that is...

Definitely "A" - looks the most authentic, the most finished. Of the three I like "B" the least. But I agree with Adeline - emphasizing the window might be cool combined with the trim around the outside. Good luck!


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