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Category: What on Earth!?

Just a box full of stuff.

< Some of these on the Estate Sale Site

Whoa! How did this get into such a classy box of stuff? And where is the mood ring?

A carving in ivory and bone...

< See this on the Estate Sale Site

And the Inuit artist with his hometown...

These things look like either something to do with female grooming in the 1940's or implements of torture...

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More about these items:

The third item down is a fancy button hook. The bracelet was made by an artist in Teller Alaska which is a very remote and beautiful town (from pictures) on Seward Island. There are other people named Omiak who still live there, but I haven't found a "J Omiak"...

The bottom items seem to be related to nail and foot care...except for the shoe horn which is just a handy tool to get shoes on :)

I gotta know! What name will you be listing under for Ebay! I LOVE the lady face pin! I have to have it!
luv dena


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