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Busy day, busy day.

We took the TV antennae off of the house and, in the process, got an upfront and personal look at just how badly the brick was tuckpointed on the chimney. Plus, the "wire mesh" over the chimney has TWO holes in it (?) about the 3 inches around (squirrels?) and is tied onto the chimney with an electrical cord complete with plug circa 1965. (Remember to click on image to make it LARGER)

Lovely. (But how do you like our rafter tails? Cool, huh?)

We also cut down a TON of brush from the side and front of the house (with the generous offer of tools from our two FABULOUS neighbors, J to the north and T to the south.) A was quite intrigued by the electric hedge clippers.

AND we diverted the drainpipe AWAY from the house!! Finally! We suspect that underground somewhere it is broken and has been causing the footings below the sunroom to settle. That will have to be fixed. $$$

Or the sunroom will eventually detach itself. But, if in 90 YEARS it hasn't fallen off yet, we've got a little bit of time to address that.

Note two things about these next pictures. First, that stuff in the hole where the old drainpipe went? It is called (no lie) "THE STUFF". It comes out like kind of foamy, fat silly string. BUT! Do not substitute this for Silly String at your next par-tay. Because then it hardens into something like REALLY solid foamy rock. And it gets even more dense when it gets wet. No fun for partygoers. Thanks Dad, for directing us to "The Stuff".

Second, as A towers proudly over his water diversion masterpiece (whoops, I took the picture before the splashblock went in), see how the stucco behind his left knee is, well, dark grey? As opposed to the rest of the stucco which is only a dirty white? This is where they did a really cheap patching job on the house where the footings need to be redone. Again, frugal yet not effective for the long haul.

And where did the TV antennae end up? Well, um, by the trash can in the alley. With the mangled mangle. With the (fervant) hope that our dear Alley Driving Folk (they are like the Leprechauns in Ireland) just magically whisk it away in their trucks. Ah, the advantages of living in a major metropolis.

I mean, that's where the 40 year old cardboard CANS of motor oil, coolant, charcoal briquettes, paint thinner, fire retardent powder and anti-freeze went after we discovered them in the garage. (I know, it was like "Return to Love Canal"...but in our garage.) And may they use them in VERY good health, bless them. And store them more properly then they were stored here!!!

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