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It's like I've opened up the door to a big closet and all of the contents have fallen on me.

Some days there is wonder and other days (especially hot, sticky ones) it easy to feel like a lowly stock person at "Someone Else's Life Mart".

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One of the previous owners knew tatting (the lace doily). Very hard to do and a dying craft. My grandmother tried to teach me but I never got the hang of it. Unlike lace crocheting (which I can do), in tatting if you get a knot in your line, you are finished....which may account for the small unfinished pieces.

That trolley pin should be worth something. I cannot believe you are sorting through that mountain of stuff AND stripping paint. Give me some of what your having, I can use that energy.

Some other things we know about these items...

The flowered dress pins are bakelite pins circa the 1940's. (I thought they were for hair!)

Below that are assorted hat pins. The longest one has something to do with hairdo's but we don't know yet what it is...

The necklace is made of silver, mother-of-pearl and something black which we can't identify yet...

The item in the pink pouch is a rainbonnet.

The embroidered purse is from Russia and says somthing like "From Imperial Russian embroidery" under the seal inside.

That is a snuff box next to the watch :)

Suzanne already pegged the lace tatting...

The ladies vanity kit is for nail care...handled in either ivory or bakelite.

Everything at the bottom is a change purse or a wallet. The small decorated ones fold in on each other. The one in the lower left hand corner is intricate beadwork on black silk and quite pretty.

And finally, that trolley pin...I know that W worked for the CTA in Chicago, and that CTA cars used to look MORE like trolleys...perhaps this is from an anniversary of some kind of the line?


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