Our Next Play Along Game...WHERE on earth...

Category: What on Earth!?

are these things from?

2 points if you guess the correct continent
10 points if you get the country
100 points if you get the city and can prove it (because sometimes I don't even know THAT!)

Just fill in your answers in the comment form below. You can use a "nom-de-plume" if you want to take a chance but don't want that advertised in our forum!!

p.s. I threw in 1-2 "ringers" so be careful....

GOOD LUCK TO ALL! Oh, and click on the picture to make it larger.

Item #1 < Adopted!

Item #2

Item #3

Item #4 < Adopted

Item #5

Item #6

Item #7 < all adopted

Item #8 < adopted

Item #9 < Adopted

Item #10

Item #11

Item #12 =Adopted!

Item #13

Item #14

Item #15

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Item #14 looks like it may have come from Russia. My boss travels internationally and has gotten things from Russia with that same kind of painting on, although it does have a "Scandanavian" look to it also.

Does Item #1 say "Taj Mahal Hotel"? If it does, I would guess India.

Item #2 - Asia

Item #3 - Mexico

Item #4 - Europe?

Item #5 - U.S.?

Item #6 - No idea

Item #7 - No idea what these are

Item #8 - Peru

Item # 9 - THAT would have to be Chicago, IL.

Item #10 - This seems to easy...I suspect something...

Item #11 - Japan?

Items #12 - Central or South America perhaps

Item #13 - England

Item #14 - Eastern Europe

Item #15 - I'm not entirely sure, but if it says "Swiss", I'll just be obvious and say "Switzerland"

Ohh...PaTRICia...you smart grrl. That DOES say Taj Mahal Hotel.

Anybody else have guesses for the others?

I will admit...some of these I have figure out and some I haven't.

#1 - India. It does say, "Taj Mahal Hotel" and there are a lot of ashtrays, um, borrowed from hotels in here.

#2 - Japan

#3 - Sweden :)

#4 - Occupied Japan

#5 - Japan

#6 - Portugal

#7 - These are "flower frogs" from Japan. They go in the bottom of vases for flower arranging.

#8 - Christmas ornaments from baked dough in Peru

#9 - Playboy, Chicago, Illinois

#10 - They say "Made in West Germany"

#11 - Italy soft paste porcelein

#12 - Mystery. It is a clay "book" of the saints with "pages" on both sides.

#13 - Franciscan ware from the U.S. Desert Rose patter pieces.

#14 - Mystery. But we think maybe Scandanavia.

#15 - The maker says it is Swiss, but this was one of those companies that has been really hard to research...

I stand corrected!

#3 is from Ahuacatlan, Mexico! It is marked "Sta Maria"...

#13 is NOT Franciscan. It goes back to being a mystery. It is marked with an "M" that was drawn into the clay before glazing. M?

item #13--try MAJOLICA--pottery of the early to mid 19th century. Some pieces can be quite valuable. Hope this helps!!!! and hope you get this at such a late date past your posting of it! :)

We get every comment sent on to us and I will look that up! Thanks!

I have no idea on any of it but am LOVING the pink flower teapot and teacups!


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