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It's amazing, how much there is to learn about things.

What do my things say about me when I've left them behind? The sweater on the little train in the Swiss Alps. My wallet in...many, many places like that field where we went on the Apple Holler hayride in Wisconsin. My car keys..um, also many places.

I guess these things say--"she's not paying attention to the details, is she?"

More flotsam and jetsam from the upstairs tonight...

You know, I don't think I ever appreciated their musical versatility until I heard the Sons of the Pioneers sing "Tumbling Tumbleweed" AND "Tiny Bubbles" on the SAME audiocassette.

If you don't recognize these items above, then you have never been a grade school teacher at any point in the last two decades.

The logical result of all of those empty cookie tins, obviously. The first aid would come in when she can't get any of her food to fit through the big red circle slash thingy... (click on photo to make larger).


Are "Leatherlines" related to "pleather", do ya' think?

Eusi Schwiz!! NO WAY!!! Party tape. Easily. Because when you get Eusi together with Toni Schlumpf Schattorf (or "The Schlumpf" as we in the biz say), then, it's like wild...

To be listened to "AT LEISURE". Got that? Not while working or driving heavy machinery...AT LEISURE ONLY!!!

Yup, yup. This is gonna be one heck of a garage sale all righty...

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Don't laught but that same Sons of the Pioneers cassette set just went for $6 on Ebay!

You know, until I watched "The Big Lebowski", I never appreciated half of these songs!! They are CLASSICS!

But that Eusi tape, well, they don't make those anymore. "They broke the mold" so they say. Oh, sure. You could buy a "100 Songs for the Accordian" CD and get, like, ONE Eusi track. But ALL EUSI! And with "The Schlumpf"...they just don't make 'em like that anymore.


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