Hmmm. Where to research these?

Category: What on Earth!?

Sometimes, it is easy to figure what something is and where it is from.

And then, sometimes it is not.

No mark, but we don't care. It's perfect bungalow style and color. Picture doesn't do it justice.

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We like the "crazy stork"...but he has no mark either. What is his story?

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Aha! Something we recognize! Watts Bowls, #'s 6, 7 & 8...Single Apple Pattern. Phew! Somthing familiar. =Adopted

No such luck mark.

Ok, yup! Uncle Mistletoe...and he says so right there on his, er, bottom. :)
< See this on the Estate Sale Site

Augh. The flash went off--not doing much for the color of this sweet Art Deco (?) leaf lamp. And no mark. But it's green/blue glaze is very pretty.

These fun carafes from Inland Steel's "Aluminum Club" series (c. 1951) are platinum-banded glass...and perfect for the serious coffeee host or hostess :) Boxes make research easy...

4 miniature "personal" carafes...all in their box. It's a caffeine buzz for four.

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helpful Bill on eBay Pottery and Glass board thinks that the covered glass piece is a Westmoreland candy dish from the Depression I can look that up! Thanks Bill!

I agree with Bill. The color, shape and style point to Westmoreland. also, it happens to look exactly like a #1707 style Candy Jar in my Westmoreland book. The colors are different, but that's not a big deal, I don't think. They uses lots of colors. They made several sizes. If the candy jar is 7 3/4" tall, it's the 1/2 pound and if it is 9 1/4" tall, then it is a 1 pound candy jar.

Re: Yellow heron planter:

1938 haeger, 855c, book value 15.00+


The eBay Pottery & Glass Discussion Community is H..O..T...HOT!

For the Westmoreland Candy Dish, Bill (wgpaul) and somelikeithot! had identified my mystery find in LESS THAN 25 MINUTES. That, my friends, is amazing.

The mysterious stork/heron took a little longer. Right away, glassdummy recategorized my stork as a Heron. By lunchtime, gingertepe had figured out who made it and even a BOOK VALUE!

I am making a mega trip to the Harold Washington Chicago Public Library soon because, obviously, I have a LOT to learn about the stuff in this house. Meanwhile, the experts at eBay are letting me get a little sleep at night :) Thanks guys.

You can visit their auctions (and you KNOW you're getting these items from experts) at:

Use "Find Items > By Seller", to look at the great items offered by:






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