Um. What is this?

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Okay. We give up.

What is it?

Here is the top of what we saw when we opened the box...(and yes, those cogs and wheels were just lying there.) (Remember to click to make it larger.)

Here's what we saw when we took it out of the box and turned it over...


We don't even have a good guess. Uses a handle? Gears? And something that looks like it might be a motor that gets wound when you crank the handle? Or do none of these parts go together?

Oh, dear departed W. Please explain the mysteries of this box!!! We beseech you!

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The gizmo looks like a generator from HS science class.

The cogs, gears and handle look like they belong to my small machinest lathe. A couple look like they are just in the box keeping every thing else company.

Works from a mantle clock????
Just a guess.

Rich Beckman
Another day, another tool.

I have a crank just like that. But mine is screwed into the side of a Victrola. If this is a replacement Victrola motor in original box, I don't doubt there's some restorer out there who would give his eye teeth for it. (You could keep those teeth with the foot castings)

Fly-wheels and crank for one of those old record-players - my guess is that this is what they had left over when they converted one to electricity.
Phill Giles
The Unionville Woodwright
Unionville, Ontario

My vote is for victrola as well. My family has one, and the handle on that crank looks mighty familiar.

My guess is a music box.....

My husband says it looks like an old crimping machine that you put the sheet metal somewhere and then crank the handle and it crimps it???

From someone who has a lot of experience with Victrolas (TM) -

What you have there is a Victor Victrola Dual Spring Victrola Motor probably from about 1922-1924. I have one that uses the exact same motor. Your crank handle would go through the cabinate to where the motor is mounted. The fact you have a long handle sugests one of the longer cabinate models (there was even a model that had a record player AND a radio in the same cabinate). I cant recall the exact model that used your motor - but I do recall that there was a line of them that used the dual spring motors. The dual spring motors gave longer playing time before you had to re-wind the spring.

These arent RARE - but finding a NICE QUIET one with no wear is a good thing. Probably worth about $50-$75. Origional box and such would make it worth a lot more.

Nice find!


Thanks everyone! We actually have an old Victrola upstairs...I'll check out the fit. And our neighbors next door are trying to recondition one...don't know what the model is, but maybe this one might help!

It is like fitting puzzle pieces together...can you tell that I am the type of person that becomes absorbed by crosswords and those little MENSA quizzes in the back of magazines? :)


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