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Tonight, in honor of my sister Elaine's birthday, we bring you....

le garage. And an edition of...

TRASH OR TREASURE????!!!! (Click on photo to make it larger.)

(Elaine IS a treasure...just wanting to clarify. She is the younger, smarter, cooler sister...and she is very TALL. And can easily clobber me.)

YOU get to choose...trash or treasure?? And this is a game everyone can play, 'cause frankly, we don't know the answer yet either. But we're working on it! And we'll let you know when we know...

Item #1 < Adopted

Item #2

Item #3

Item #4

Item #5

Items #6-8

Item #9

Item #10

Item #11

Item #12

Item #13

Item #14

Item #15

Item #16

So, submit your answers in the feedback form below. You do NOT have to put a real name OR your email address.

But let us hear from you!! It cheers us up. And good luck!!!

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Hi Daisy, after looking carefully at all the stuff, I'd have to say you've got the makings for a garage sale. I didn't see anything exceptional but I believe it all would sell in a garage/yard sale . It's not trash and not quite treasure....

hmmm...that goofy purse might be worth something on ebay---you'd be amazed what people will pay for unique vintage purses. i recently sold a little vinyl and lucite number for $36---bought it for $5.

the dresser and chest might be worth a little more than yard sale prices, as well. are they made well, and do they have any maker's labels or marks? mid-century modern (what used to be called tacky, dated 50's furniture) is picking up steam with collectors and people who are "restoring" 50 year old ranch houses.

Alrighty goes. Please keep my kitschy proclivities in mind.
1. Treasure! That is a cute little vintage purse. Mooo!
2. Not cool enough to be treasure, but refinished, they would be decent end tables.
3. Sorry, but I HATE baskets. They're evil dust collectors, so they're Trash in my house.
4. These are pretty cool, mid-century pieces, so I'd call them Treasure.
5. Blech! These gnarly dust-collecting cabinets are Trash.
6-8. I'm assuming these are lawn ornaments. If they had been painted, I'd call them Treasure. Sadly, they're Trash.
9. I'm calling this Treasure for the drawer pulls alone.
10. Treasure! Very nice Danish Modern table.
11. Trash!
12. Assuming it still works (whatever it is), I'm calling it Treasure. I love vintage appliances.
13. Treasure! These scythes would look cool hanging on a wall.
14. This plant hanger would be a Treasure in my garden.
15. I can find no redeeming qualities here, so these tables are Trash.
16. I have no idea what this is, but it looks camping/Boy Scout related, so my husband might call it Treasure. To me, it's Trash.

Number 12 is a Rainbow vacuum cleaner. There should be a tank between the motor part and the wheels that you fill with water before vacuuming. My mom got one just like this for a wedding present (1969) and it worked until she replaced it (with another Rainbow) in 1989--and I think she still has that one. The water catches the dirt and dust so it doesn' spew back into the air, and you don't need bags. As a kid I hated it though because it's a very complicated assembly process every time you had to use it (and what kid likes to vacuum in the first place?).

I think it's ALL when can I come by and pick it up?

Uh, I meant haul it away.

i forgot to comment on the rainbow vacuum cleaner. my grandmother bought one when my ne'er-do-well cousin was selling them door-to-door (she was that kind of grandmother---probably gave him a dozen cookies after writing the check). anyway, she gave it to me when i bought my first "single mom" house. it was an awesome vacuum cleaner while it lasted, but labrador retriever hair will do in even the best sweeper. every three days, i'd have to figure out what to do with a tank full of wet, stinky dog hair...

however, for people with allergies and strong stomachs, it's a very good thing, and i wouldn't let it go for less than $50! that would buy a couple tools at home depot, i think...

Don't laugh at mary or kw...strangely enough, the vacuum cleaner gets a lot of "oooohhhh's" in our garage. We'll all have to watch THIS with great anticipation...

Yes, it works. And has the attachments. And has no cracks in the assembly.

It's the 1955 model...the first model that Rexair named "The Rainbow". And if I didn't have a Samsung Quietstorm from my mom as a wedding gift which I ADORE...(it never hurts to pacify The Mom.)

If you think WE're nuts, here's a little more clean fun...


Sweeper Links

...and yes, they still sell newer models. For a pile of cash supposedly. And if you lived with Coco and Dave, you would understand why folks love their vacuum cleaners.

The dresser and bureau are solid laminate. And have a handsome matching mirror. Just doesn't go with our current stuff. I'll have to duck under and look for marks...where did they put marks on furniture?

marks can be just about anywhere on furniture. i'd grab a flashlight and check underneath and behind first, then both inside and outside the drawers. check the back legs, if you don't have any luck with the first suggestions. i would guess that you'll be looking for a paper label, rather than a brand or an incised mark, with that style of furniture, but i'm really not sure.

Marks are often inside a drawer.

What??! No one likes the 3-D "Hobo Coming At Ya!" picture in Item #3??



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