Modern Design? or Mod Squad?

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Yes, I know. It is unusual to put two "What on Earth" entries in a row...but I've asked some designer pals to peer in this week and help me sort out my Modern Design from my Mod Squad.

Because, well, I have no clue.

So here is a random offering of items that could be Modern Design...or Mod Squad...or neither. (Remember to click on the image to make it larger...)

< Going to experts

< Adopted < Adopted < Adopted

< Adopted

So...what do you think? Some folks have mentioned "Russel Wright" or "Chase" or "Schlumbohm". Don't forget to look at other "what on earth?" entries (especially the garage)...this stuff is everywhere. Everything is mixed up.

If you want to test your knowledge, this site is a good place to start!

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well, the last one IS a Peter Schlumbohm. It is a Chemex coffee maker and it was even on the site you linked us to...

It was produced by Chemex Corporation in 1942.

I think Chemex later became Pyrex?

I'm not sure...

Chemex coffee makers are still made - and produce *excellent* coffee.

did you check those plates for a back stamp? they look sort of homer laughlin-esque to me...the color is right for some of their midcentury stuff, but i'm not sure about the shapes.

I have a bit of help that is mod.

The stool is a 60's camp stool--we have two from Grandpa K, , though we never went camping, and I sit on one of them every time I sort laundry. It's missing the string, though, and hazardous if it isn't latched properly.

The coffeemaker--I thought it had a different brand name, but we got one from Ray and Gail and John for our wedding. Needs pointy, expensive cones which make a very slow pot of coffee, albeit maybe good. And doesn't work on the stove. Ours went long ago.

Wow! And here I LOVE that Chemex stuff. I guess one person's treasure...

i forget the name of the manufacturer, but that couch might be worth bucks if it is whom i think...
wanna ship it to calif?


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