Chicago, My Kind of Town: Part II

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It's kind of a testament to university loyalty when you find THIS much stuff connected to one place--the University of Chicago-in the house. We can't even post it all here. But here is a taste:

And not that I'm saying anything...but I'll let this 1959 issue of the U of C magazine speak for itself:

And, just for the record (off-topic), I think Al Franken is hilarious.

And this was their class show in the 1930's. I think Prohibition in the United States ended in 1933.

This loyalty extended all the way back to Bloom Township High School, apparently.

=Going home to Bloom perhaps?

This tells got lost quite often, decided to make the best of it if all the way out in the suburbs (?), finally quit driving and just hoofed it?

Ended up liking to read about Chicago...A LOT!!

They had "mail spam" and "chotchkes"...just like we do now. Except our spam is via email...

And they had this "thing" about matchbooks wasn't only ashtrays. I think a few of these places are still around...

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Oooo! Do you have any matchbooks/menus from old Tiki bars or Polynesian restaurants? I'd really like those!

Missed a day so I got parts I and II all at once. I keep looking at all your "stuff" then glancing to the right at the picture of your adorable house, and I can't believe it all could fit in there. Makes me think of all the history that was lost when a similarly stuffed bungalow in one of the towns my newspaper covers went up in flames Tuesday afternoon (brief story is at It was a sad, neglected bungalow that no one lived in, owned by the same family since it was built in 1926 (I checked assessment records for the owners' name). It was so full, firefighters couldn't even get in the doors to fight the fire properly. At least your house is saved! You are bringing it back from the brink.


Oh, good grief, looking at those images of old books on Chicago makes me drool.

There used to be a bookstore up on Main Street in Evanston--I say used to, because I'm not sure if it's still there--called Alkahest, I believe. One of its specialties was/is Chicago history. Might be a resource.

As for the U of C husband's an alumnus (Ph.D.) and we'll probably be inundated with U of C paraphernalia for the next fifty or sixty years. I try to be vigilant about throwing most of it out, but there's probably a hidden cache somewhere breeding more.

I now live in Champaign now but lived in Chicago (Rogers Park, Evanston, Hyde Park) for ten years. I enjoy your journal...and it does make me homesick sometimes.


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