The Tuba Mouthpiece of Michael Lind

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So, as we are leaving church this morning, C, a friend and neighbor who had come over in the first days of the house debacle, stopped us in the narthex.

We had found three mouthpieces in the house that C had investigated. If you are a professional musician, a mouthpiece is incredibly important and also can be very expensive (on a musician's pay!) Each individual musician has a mouthpiece that works best for them.

There were two that were given to another pal from the church who plays tuba and also has a neat band, Red Vinegar.

The third mouthpiece was a Vincent Bach-New York mouthpiece.

Above is a photo of a regular modern Vincent Bach mouthpiece. We hadn't taken a photo of the one in the house because we weren't that far along when C came over.

Well, it turns out that his friend, Michael Lind of the Stockholm Philharmonic (or Stockholm Filharmonikerna), has been looking for this specific mouthpiece! The vintage ones were made in New HE is getting the mouthpiece! How cool! (Click on the far right hand box of the Kungliga Filharmonikerna website for a lovely recording of their music.)

And if you thought tubas were all about oompa've never heard an amazing tuba player. Check out some of the track samples on Michael Lind's album with Christer Torgé for some lovely music. Christer Torgé & Michael Lind


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