Is there such a thing as synchronicity?

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As I was typing in our website address to blog a new entry tonight, I had to laugh. Unconciously, I had typed "houseOFprogress" at a time I think that we are SO FAR AWAY from progress right now. A is much more positive. He thinks that we have made tremendous progress in our planning. I am more morose. I keep seeing the dust on every surface and wondering, "How will we ever be clean again?"

However, in exploring items and meeting people regarding the house, I am more curious about Jung's concept of synchronicity, that principle which explains "meaningful coincidences" such as a beetle flying into his room while a patient was describing a dream about a acausal principle that links events having a similar meaning by their coincidence in time rather than sequentially. He claimed that there is a synchrony between the mind and the phenomenal world of perception. *


Do I believe in the theory of the collective unconcious? I don't know. I don't NOT believe in it. Do I believe that Michael Lind's mouthpiece found him through us and C somehow? Or that an item here will finally find its "owner of purpose" least for the time being. Or that a house was meant for someone?

I don't know. I wish I had as much faith in those things as I do in my other kinds of faith :) Maybe I wouldn't notice the dust so much.

Tonight is a random collection as we sort out some plans and get back to you with those stories. I did not choose a theme for these, unless you are wishing it so of me from our collective unconcious.

This book from 1900 is fascinating for so many reasons. It documents the Palestine of the Ottoman Empire in photographs and gorgeous maps.


And of course I wonder, where will all this stuff be a year from now? (Hopefully not still in my house!)

< Adopted!

John Freyer really explored this in depth two years ago with his fascinating and groundbreaking site, ALL MY LIFE FOR SALE (the web address is now owned by the Museum of Art, University of Iowa). He sold everything he owned, then spent a year going to visit it. :)

He wrote about his exploits in a book, which looks fascinating to me.


I don't think I'll have time to visit the stuff. Plus, we are wading through other people's lives most of whom are no longer on the planet. And a book is NOT in my future plans. But it is cool to think about all of the connections we will have made with people through this site...

* Quotation is from The Skeptic's Dictionary: A Collection of Strange Beliefs, Amusing Deceptions, and Dangerous Delusions by Robert Todd Carroll

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I really think a book should be in your future. Your story & the story of your house is quite different from "All My Life for Sale" and has already proved fascinating to many people. Hope you'll consider it.


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