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OK. It's late and we just got back from JG's B-Day bash. Happy Birthday, big guy. You don't look a day over....40 :)

So, I'll make this one fast. Plus, I have a lot of very VERY cool news about possibly finding the relatives of the Niels Kjeldsen, the first owners of the house that we know of!!! (And maybe even the builder!) Or, they found us. We are so excited. We'll fill you in tomorrow.

Meantime, here are some randomly-chosen "what on earth" items to amuse and entertain...

Circa 1973, reproduction of the 1920's tray
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These are original though :) "My Better Half" mugs, making sure your spouse doesn't forget to bring you coffee

Very ornate candleholder of brass

A gen-u-ine Fuller Brush crumb sweeper, in the box, circa 1940's-50's. These were usually handed out as samples from "The Fuller Brush Man." Seems W or L were targets for traveling salespeople, we also have a water treatment system from Amway

Kind of cool bottle from France which we don't recognize-- On hold
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The buds at Breaktime know what this is, probably some Bungalow buds do too!

1930's-40's Valentine :) We have hundreds of valentines from as far back as the late 1800's. And Christmas cards, Easter cards, postcards, sigh. That's a winter project.

Oh YEAH. Who DIDN'T love Jello!

An advertising card from a radio repair shop in Chicago. Even cooler because it lists the programs for the week of Feb. 1, 1935...like "Amos & Andy", "Little Orphan Annie", "Walter Winchell", "Crime Clues", "Death Valley Days", "Jack Benny", "Burns & Allen" "True Strory" and "Barn Dance"

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Oh god -- I have that very same "Joys of Jello" cookbook, liberated from my mother's kitchen. God knows what possessed her to get it, but anyway ... It's great fun to pass around at parties.

The metal object (fourth up on this entry) is more than likely a scroll saw. It takes a thin metal blade that runs from under the table to the top arm which oscillates up and down.

They're used for delicate scroll work and cutting very thin wood into intricate shapes.


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