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I took Wendi's suggestion (at Rubber Trouble) and scanned some of our old magazines for advertising. And do you know what I found?

Same stuff, different decade. Clothes, liquor, cigarettes, jewelry, furniture, perfume, lingerie, cars. Except everything was from the 1920's and 1930's. And most of the things were line drawings instead of photographs.

And there were fewer "truth-in-advertising" laws back then. Obviously. (click to make picture larger)

OUCH! The chin...THE CHIN!

Why, even your doctor says that these cigarettes are "less irritating**..."

**...then sticking a burning twig in your mouth.

Okay. I happen to know that this issue was published during the Great Depression...the first one. So, who is their target market?

Aha! The target market is "lazy, scantily clad people."

Who, um, wear furs. (This is SO pre-Austin Powers. I hope.)

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