Preparing for the backyard BBQ with friends weekend

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In other years, on other holidays, we've had to scrape around for things to use for gatherings with family and friends outside.

This year, WE ARE SET!!! Kinda.

We have the "Beef...It's Whats for Dinner" thing...scary enough to make vegetarians dive into the bushes. (Click on picture to resize)

This is a SERIOUS steer. If I could only remember which ex-Bull player he looks me out guys!

We have all of this stuff...

Wow. It's a Boy Scouts of America axe.

< Adopted

Things for cooking and grilling out...relaxin'.

In case we want to make SHOES!

Or need to beat a path through the garden to the GARAGE!

< Adopted

I have no idea what these are, but I'm SURE we'll need them. (KJ! Help! What are these, Alaska-girl?)

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The first photo is a propane cooker.

I hop this helps.


That is a Longhorn steer and a Native American symbol most likely from New Mexico. It is also the mascot for UT in Austin, Tx. Nice platter! Hook 'em horns!

Hey, ship that axe with leather cover to KJ asap!

Hey, ship that axe with leather cover to KJ asap!

That last photo? A RETRO Christmas Tree stand by made by Quik Ezy in Chicago, Illinois. Life coughs up strange stuff on the Internet...


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