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Remnants: a small part or portion that remains after the main part no longer exists

What will be the remnants of me?

It is hard not to think of these philosophical questions as we poke and prod on through these things.

Someone must have loved Alma Sutton very much to have made her this box for Christmas.

But...who was she?

Who's schoolbook?

Who kept this money clip in their pocket for so many years?

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We've found so many letters. So many cards. This one from Fanny? Jenny? Chase-Jones.

We always think about the subject of the photo. Who was behind the camera that took this photograph?

And then there are bridges to the past. This plate is from the collection of dinnerware that the congregation of the First Presbyterian Church in Boonville, Missouri purchased (according to the folks who responded to my note, probably in the 20's or 30's.) This winter, when we have more time, we are happily reuniting the plate with the church. And we were also delighted to chat via email with L & J who ALSO purchased a bungalow home. The world is much too small, yes?

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I don't know what my remnants are going to be...all I know is that there'll be a lot of 'em. (Note to others: To fully understand this joke, you need to see my house. When I kick the bucket, there's going to be one h*ll of an estate sale.)


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