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You know, this house has a very high freak out factor.

So, we're researching and tagging last night with the full intention of still having an estate sale. Some of the items will only be sold through the website because we don't have time to go through them now (like most of the ephemera).

Today, we also found out the making the bathroom work will most likely cost more than we had planned for in our budget. So we were kind of down. Whatever leaked up there back in the 1950's seriously damaged the floor and ceiling below, possibly got between the walls and pushed out the wood lathe. Which can't be reused if that is the case. Some days, I want to weep for this house. It deserved better.

We squared our shoulders and kept tagging. But certain items kept drawing me back to them. Like this plaster or chalkware "sculpture" (?):

I think it is very pretty. And the writing scratched into the back? I never thought to plug it into the computer. It is signed:

Enrique Alferez
6016 Ellis Avenue

I thought, how sweet! Maybe a very talented local person who took up a craft.

And then Google spit these out at me:

The Life of Enrique Alferez

Molly Marine Photo

The Hunt for Pancho Villa

Palmolive Building, Chicago

So not only was this guy an Art Deco sculptor and amazing, he served in PANCHO VILLA'S army in Mexico!

How do you...what do you....okay. So, where do we go from here?

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Ioni, I always think my about what a pack rat my mom is, and the mess I'll have to sort through if anything ever happens to her(I hope not for a long, long time!). But my dear mother can't compete, not even close, with your PO's. I think you've found a lot of junk and some real treasures. I see a major, dream bathroom renovation in your near future.
Good luck! Cris

Pssst! I'll give ya two dollahs for that theya plasta thingie. ;) Seriously, congrats on a great find!

Enrique Alferez (1901-1999) spent most of his creative career in New Orleans. But that was not until after 1929... in 1927 he probably did this work while attending the Chicago Institute of Art.

He settled in New Orleans and many of his public works grace public places like City Park and the old Lakefront Airport. In the 1930s his work was often considered controversial because his work included nudes.

If you are interested in a captive audience for his work - you should look into the recently opened Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans. They might be very interested in this early example of his work.

Check it out:


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