Okay. Does EVERY home come equipped with a blowgun?

Category: What on Earth!?

One of the stranger items we found while dilgently digging out the basement this weekend.

Hey K! You're gonna put somebody's eye out with that thing!!

JS easily looks like the Amazonian warrioress with the spear of DEATH!

Wait!!! That's the side you blow into, you're right!

As A and JS laugh at them from safely BEHIND the camera, J and K have fun playing with the blowgun, the quiver with the poison arrows and the little jawbone thing, and the spear.

And now some helpful information from the Organization for Responsible Blowgun Ownership (ORBO):

Every blowgun owner should carefully consider the reasons for having a blowgun. If there is no compelling need to own a blowgun, remove it from your home. A blowgun increases, not decreases, the danger to your family.

If you own blowguns or spears or poison darts, carefully consider where to keep them. Hall closets, nightstands, drawers by the outside doors of your home and other traditional places are often where criminals, and curious children, look first.

Store blowguns unloaded and locked up. Consider a lock box for poison darts and clubs. Store poison darts separately - and locked up.

If you are a family member and are experiencing high levels of anger, fear or depression, remove blowguns from your home. It is during these times a blowgun is often used against a loved one or against ones self.

Never handle a blowgun when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Never leave a blowgun in your vehicle. Blowguns are often stolen from cars.

Teach children never to touch a blowgun or spear without supervision, and to immediately tell an adult if they find a blowgun.

Know where your blowguns and spears are at all times. You are accountable for them, and you are responsible for your blowgun not being used against a family member.

All blowgun owners should receive training in the safe handling and care of their blowguns and poison darts.

**Jawbone accessory not always included. More instructions needed for safe jawbone handling. (See link below)

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Is it just me or does JS look hypnotized in the first photo (she's on the right)? What's on those darts?

That didn't happen until we were checking out the crystal wand we found in the basement.



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