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sometimes it is enough to wander through the house and point the camera...*CLICK!*

You see Bambi-- Adopted

And a 12 foot long bamboo fly fishing rod

You see Catalina

And "Come Into Our Kitchen" 1939 -- Adopted

You can hear the foxtrot

Captain Kangaroo with Buster Brown< See this at the Estate Sale

And a Mattel Musical Map of Disneyland

You can see Smokey the Bear's Game < See this at the Estate Sale

A Stagecoach Glass from the 1950's

And a Swedish Dalla horse or two -- Adopted

And piles of fruit crates....no fruit included.

< Some adopted

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hey, i think i want those fruit crates!! just pack all the linens in them and send them on down. ( :

if you have any more of those fruit crates, i'm interested! let me know! thanks! :)

My grandpa (who is always showing me things so I don't sell them too cheap or throw them away after he is gone) has two fly fishing poles he just showed me over Christmas. One is in excellent shape and has it's own tube like container is worth at least $100. He has another one that needs fixed with it's tube container and it is still worth around $75. He said he is the one who bought them new over 50 years ago. Hope that helps some.

Any fruit crates left? Yowsa! Kerstin in La Mesa, CA 5/04/04


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