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When I was a little girl, I wanted to be Nancy Drew.

Honest! Barbie? Bo-o-o-ring. She was so INTO herself. But Nancy? She had ALL of the fun. Always chasing bad guys and using flashlights and solving mysteries. THAT sounded like the best time to me!!

So, when we got the house, I went into FULL TILT Nancy Drew Sleuth mode. I still am. I want the stories...where is this stuff from? Why is that door missing? Who ripped out the bookcases from either side of the fireplace in the front room?

Okay. We actually know the answer to that last question.

I still get a thrill each time I hunt down an important clue. And still feel frustrated each time I get stuck.

You can imagine how this big box of KEYS makes me feel.

If you guessed "nutty", you guessed correctly. The big box of keys makes me nutty. WHERE ARE ALL OF THE LOCKS???

Another thing I can't stop thinking about is this set of plates.

They were made by a company named "Gefle". The only lead I've had is that "Gefle" is Swedish. I have 11 plates and 2 big bowls with this cool pearlescent glaze. There are Gefle marks on the bowls and initials carved into the bottom of each plate. They are fuzzy initials because it looks like they were carved before the piece was glazed and fired. Perhaps the first one is "J"? I cannot tell.

But last night, at approximately midnight, alert HouseInProgress reader, Charlotta S., sent me an email that set my heart aflutter!

do you mean Gefle ceramics/porcelain?

If so, check out http://www.antikviteter.net/utsigten/butik/gefle.htm


Any Nancy Drew fan knows that these notes are CRUCIAL! Whether they come by email or whether you find them in the OLD CLOCK! (Inside joke for ND Fans here)

So, with Carlotta's link to guide me and NO knowledge of Swedish, I got a little bit farther in my quest.

Blatt Band



A very fast knowledge of how to read Swedish. And deciphering the artist's initials on the plates.

AND THAT IS WHY...CHARLOTTA wins the Nancy Drew Sleuth Award! For thinking like a real detective. Way to go, Bungalow Sleuth Charlotta!!! And many thanks...

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I once had every Nancy Drew book known to man. I think I may have to start accumulating them again. I was a tomboy, though, so I wanted to be George. Hey, why was she called George anyway? Bonus points to those ND fans who can remember the answer.

I always thought it was after ghostwriter Mildred Wirt's husband, George Benson. But maybe not. :) Do tell!

Wasn't her given name "georgia" or "georgina" but she didn't like them...so she went by George? She was the peppy tomboy of the bunch to offset her cousin Bess'sleepy, hungry, scaredy-cat tendencies, yes?

The earliest books insisted her name actually was George, but I remember in later books they suggested it was short for Georgina. Maybe just a difference in ghostwriters? Or an attempt to break her out of her tomboyishness?

Ahhh...that makes sense. Kudos to Kristen for satisfying my ND obsession for the day!


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