Buried Treasure Mateys...Argh!

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Many more times than we have thought possible, we get a variation on the following comment when people hear about this house: "Man! You lucky ducks! All of that treasure!!! I wish it had happened to me!"


See, there's this thing about "treasure". It has a limit. When you stumble across a, say, really cool coin on the beach. Or a great bargain at a garage sale. THAT is fun! Because you can go home, put it on a shelf, look at it when you want to.

Then there is this.

Stumbling over a stack of 12 apple bushel baskets on your way to investigate a noise in the basement. As you thread your way through boxes full of tin buckets and 4 large spools of macrame rope, you wonder when it will all be gone.

Because the electrician and plumber can't start work around this stuff. No one can turn around quickly in the basement or something invariably crashes to the floor in shards. So you are constantly running interference..."No! Not that! NOT THERE!" And you can't ever get anything CLEAN because you would have to clean around everything single last thing in the place.

That is the downside of treasure. The line between treasure and "junque" suddenly becomes very, very thin. And then you find out that you weren't able to fully inspect the plumbing because you could not get behind this "treasure" and now most water supply lines have to be fixed or replaced. Which is going to blow your budget. NOW the treasure must "pay off" or you are financially wrecked...or without a bathroom.

Suddenly a plain Jane house with no "treasure" sounds very, very VERY good to you.

If you go LOOKING for treasure, that is a WHOLE OTHER STORY! And some people do and it can be very exciting. If you don't have to sleep with it in your room :) Like these folks from "Lost Treasure"...or the folks from iVillage's "Great Finds" discussion board. They find treasure as one should...little batches at a time. :)

Oh, yeah. And for those of us who missed "Talk Like a Pirate Day" (What was I thinking???!!), you can still get your official Pirate Name here.

You can all now call me the Cap'n Jenny FLINT! Arghhhhhh....

"Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. Like the rock flint, you're hard and sharp. But, also like flint, you're easily chipped, and sparky. Arr"

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Arrrrr! Dirty Anne Rakeham reportin' fer duty, sir. Errr, I mean ma'am.

(wipes small tear from corner of eye) Sniff! Some days, a little "post a comment" luv is all I need to keep me going. :)

So, um...argh!

Somebody quick! Start singing a pirate song while I'm swabbing the deck! Stuff is falling out of my newly chopped up bathroom ceiling...

"Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me ..." [Hangs head - fashionably fitted in a fabulous scarf and designer purple eye patch, in shame.] Argh, Capt. Flint, I hope you'll be acceptin' my apologies, for it's the only pirate song I know. Capt. Grace Bonney here, wonderin' if you might know where I can find that bonny Johnny Depp from the pirate movie. :)

(This little piece of knowledge explains a whole lot about why the DJ who does the weather on a local radio station yesterday was doing it like a pirate! I only caught a snippet and was a bit confused.)

Argh! I best be gettin' back to me editin' the local gazette ... ah, I mean plunderin' news stories, changin' the grammar an' fixin' 'em right for print.

Note to pirate self: do not compliment people with house full of stuff that they really didn't ever want that it would be neat to have a house full of stuff that you really didn't ever want.


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