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This house is full of amazing, wonderful and just unusual connections. Sometimes it is finding something that you remember from your childhood or from a movie set. Sometimes it is getting to witness someone else's memories (which moves my heart).

Sometimes you find things that make you wonder, "I wonder if this place still exists?" or "What was happening in the world when they bought this pocket watch?" And sometimes things seem driven by divine intervention.

Last night and this morning, I "met" a jazz musician from Portugal through his father, Mr. Lincoln T. Beauchamp, Sr., Attorney at Law.

Apart from being an incredible musician, Lincoln T. Beauchamp, Jr. is also an accomplished writer and has a new baby girl, nine weeks old. I found his father's photo in a John Marshall Law School of Chicago yearbook from 1932. We both marveled at his father's wise and wonderful choice of words as a quote for his yearbook photo.

It was another late night for me (maybe 2:00 am) when I found the book and I was idly wondering who I could send this book back to. Mr. Beauchamp's quote captured my imagination

..."No man is born into the world whose work,
Is not born with him."

I wondered about him and his life which seemed destined for greatness from those very words, typed in the name, and Google pointed the way towards the article referenced above. Two emails later and this slim volume will be on its way to Portugal for a new generation of Beauchamps to enjoy.

We've found many unusual law books in the house, and books on theology, military history, world affairs, psychology and other interesting topics. Someone was a voracious reader.

We suspect that person was W. Many books are inscribed to him these books from John L. Strohm--Editor, Publisher, Foreign correspondent and Founder of the National Wildlife Magazine. W and Strohm were both members of the Pan American Council, we believe. Strohm also wrote the book, "I Lived With Latin Americans" in 1944.

He gives thanks for W who "Gave me a shove around the world..." which is highly likely. W loved to travel around Chicago and give presentations of his travels to other countries and cultures.

We found an inscription to Peter Weil in a book from the infamous jazz baby, Sophie Tucker. We're not quite sure how that ended up in the house...or which Peter Weil this might be?

< See this at the Estate Sale

Another interesting book is about Elbert Hubbard, who was significant in the Arts and Crafts movement with his founding of the Roycroft School .


Other connections fall out of schoolbooks like this one (we seem to have every schoolbook from three generations of students!)

It is from "Mrs. Jones" (who we suspect is Mary Ganning, 809 South Oak Park Avenue, sometime before 1920) who writes: Dear Madam, Will you please come to my tea this after-noon [sic]. Your new friend, Mrs. Jones"

We found the note in a copy of "Jed, the Poorhouse Boy" from 1899. But the book was owned earlier by Frank B. Hodek, Jr., Dec. 8, 1903 "From Hubert"--Mary went and doodled through his name before claiming the book in a large, loping script :)

Finally, this book by Winifred Boynton contained a letter to W, thanking him for the gift of a belt he made for her. The Boyntons built their own interpretation of a Norwegian chapel, BY HAND, on their estate in Door County, Wisconsin. Winifred is an almost intimidating inspiration for OUR house with her energy, faith and enthusiasm.

Which reminds me...we have to work on this place for a couple of days!!! So our entries will be short and to the point.

Bear with us as we kick off the "reclaiming" of the wood windows and begin work making space for the plumber, tile craftsman and electrician. Things are starting to roll midterms are almost upon us. Teachers (like myself) are frantic to get things done by midterms. We will try to keep posting something everyday though!

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