Dust you can write your name in

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Today, we tried and tried to get the best of our "to do" list, but some days it IS hard.

The dust left in this house does not help. In the beginning, it got into everything...our hair, our clothes, our food. We clean and clean but it will take awhile...and that is BEFORE the work begins! It is dust you can write your name in.

I wasn't kidding! This is the top shelf of a bookcase we tipped over to carry down the stairs.

The whole house was like this when we started. And we have had to spend time carefully cleaning each item that wasn't protected by a box or plastic bag all of these years.

How long does it take for dust this thick to accumulate inside of a house? Astounding.

For the next three days, we will be disassembling and reassembling every window in the house, many of which have not been opened in years. Like these dining room windows.

The thought makes us nervous with excitement and, well, nervousness. We'll take you through the action with us. Please wish us luck! (And not much broken glass...)

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