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"What on Earth" fans will appreciate the next few weeks as we frantically try to catch up on the majority of your research and tagging. We live in the basement now...though that makes things awkward because Dave the Cat escaped twice today. He's been doing that lately.

Here he is looking all "What? Who? Me?"

Do not fall for his, "Oh, I am so tired!" act. This cat opens doors. With no opposable thumbs. That we know of. (If you look closely, you'll notice he really never sleeps...that eye on OUR right? Slightly open and incredibly alert.)

Today we had to learn the fine art of photographing glass. Since I am dogged in my pursuit of photographing what I can (it won't be everything) especially when it helps to do research.

Here is what we have found so far.


This is by no means all of it. And we are almost finished tagging 1500+ books.

This is the bottomless basement.

A 1948 Martini Shaker set -Whoops! Now someone wrote that it's Deco.--Adopted
B 1 Anchor Hocking bowl - Manhattan (Thanks K!)
C Working on it
D Working on it
E Chrome Top Dripcut Syrup Pourer =Adopted!
F Collection of 4 Retro Swag Glasses = Adopted
G Working on it
H Working on it
I 6 Elegant Glass plates - Imperial or Morgantown?
J 10 Crystal wineglasses by Capri - Italy - Adopted
K 5 Bands & Punties Cut #3001 (Elegant - Anchor Hocking)

Looking for More?

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hey, those tulip swanky swigs at Letter F are the pattern i collect!! they aren't rare, but they can be hard to find in good condition. do you have any more?

I believe "B" is an example of the depression glass pattern called "Manhattan," Made by Anchor Hocking.



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