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What ever happened to GOOD swag? Swag is the business person's term for "stuff given out by advertisers--promotional products" and is probably an acronym. I have no idea what it stands for.

Now, you get a phone call. And thus, the Do Not Call list.

GOOD swag used to include pen knives--those seemed quite popular. As in this folding knife from Swift & Company, meatpacker in Chicago who helped inspire Carl Sandburg...and a lot of labor organizers :)

(Click on a picture to make it larger)

But Swift & Company is no more! Still, its swag lives our basement.

Let's see...other swag in our basement:

Amelia's Beauty Salon on Diversey gave out key chains...

But the building she was in doesn't seem to exist anymore. The address was between these two buildings. (FYI...I did not drive around to get these pictures. It's Internet magic...I'll explain it at another time.)

K&D Liquors was also fond of pen knives...

They also seem to have moved on...

The Bowmanville Bank at Lincoln, Lawrence & Western Avenues would accept this coin on deposit (worth 50 cents) for opening up a savings account of $5.00 or more. They will also pay 3% compound interest on your savings! Which sounds like a great deal today! I wish they were still offering that.

All we know about the bank is that it was chartered as Bowmanville National Bank of Chicago in idea when it closed. Or was bought up by a hungry, larger bank.

The Medinah Temple is still around, even though the building was sold by the Shriners more recently...

Outside of Chicago (in Dayton, Ohio), there is this swag "thing" (?) from L.M. Berry & Co....

But hey! They are still around!

Some stories end happily. Some don't.

Like this story about the Society of the Divine Savior in Wisconsin.

Or our memories of the Beloved New Hampshire Old Man of the Mountain.

So swag outlasts us too. Wow.

A surprised me with some funny swag that he had doodled up one night on the computer. This site allows you to create your very own swag.

He bought me a mouse pad to make me laugh. Silliness. Someday, someone may find it in a drawer and ask...."Who were these nutcases?"

Well, they were nutcases trying to bring a house back to life and not lose their sense of humor in the process.

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I was intriqued by the Society of the Divine Savior "swag" since I live in Wisconsin, so I just had to research it a little. I found that it was established in St. Nazianz Wisconsin. In researching a tad about St. Nazianz I found this very interesting photo and since it mentioned Chicago in the write up and thank God your house doesn't need as much repair as this one, I had to send you the link. I think you'll get a kick out of it.

That is a SUCH as sad story, in a way. Turn it on its head though and it does have some hope in there. Speedy :)

I have my moments when I feel that this house will literally bring ME to my knees...have to make sure these floors don't cave in.

SWAG= S**t We All Get or Stuff We All Get


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