The Adoption Process

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Our new friends and neighbors, S & T, are NEAT people. They teach art in Chicago's schools.

They also bought a bungalow in need of some repair. Maybe not as much...they have excellent taste!

T is interested in vintage cameras, so we were happy to invite them over (they are two doors down) to look at the "stuff". Here we see S happily looking for treasure...

Finally, they gather up their treasure of vintage cameras and accessories. T is SO excited. Some will be for "show" and she hopes to use some in her work. Go T!

The adoption process has turned out well for everyone! S and T with their new box of vintage things! Vintage things who have found owners who will care for them!

*sniff* It's beautiful.

Our last good bye is a close-up on the little "dude". Bye little camera. Make your new mom proud.

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